2019-04-26 Stoiko Ivanovbsys: Drop i686 support master
2019-04-26 Stoiko Ivanovrefactor initial device creation for pacman
2019-04-26 Stoiko Ivanovremove extra mkdir $self->{rootfs} in initialize
2019-04-26 Stoiko Ivanovexclude linux-firmware from installed packages
2019-04-26 Stoiko Ivanovremove container config during finalize
2018-11-23 Oguz Bektaschange `pacman -Sy` to `-Syy`, cleanup whitespace
2018-04-05 Thomas Lamprechtuse new config properties for sample lxc config
2017-12-14 Wolfgang BumillerUse %m (month) not %M (minute) for today's date...
2017-03-17 Wolfgang Bumillerx86_64 -> amd64 for consistency
2017-03-17 Wolfgang Bumillerstretch updates
2017-03-17 Wolfgang Bumillerupdate version formatting
2016-08-18 Wolfgang Bumillerimport missing open2
2016-08-18 Wolfgang Bumilleruse --rcfile to work with newer lxc
2015-08-31 Wolfgang Bumillerremove keyring in finalize()
2015-08-31 Wolfgang Bumillerusing a weak key for pacman-key --init
2015-08-29 Dietmar Maurerset Section to 'system'
2015-08-29 Dietmar Maureradd infopage to appliance.info
2015-08-29 Dietmar Maurerrename template to archlinux-base
2015-08-27 Wolfgang Bumillerthere's no [multilib] repo for i686
2015-08-27 Wolfgang Bumilleractually use the pacman config
2015-08-27 Wolfgang BumillerMakefile to build archlinux-base image
2015-08-24 Wolfgang Bumilleradded README and COPYING files
2015-08-21 Wolfgang Bumillermove AAB.pm to PVE/
2015-08-21 Wolfgang Bumillerinitial import