2019-06-14 Alexandre Derumierpatch: add uplink-id option master
2019-06-14 Alexandre Derumierpatch: don't remove bridge if tap|veth|fw are connected
2019-06-14 Alexandre Derumierpatch: ifup/ifdown vxlan interface on reload
2019-06-03 Thomas Lamprechtdrop patches applied upstream
2019-06-03 Thomas Lamprechtupdate to current upstream master
2019-05-08 Alexandre Derumierupstream fix for error: 'NoneType' object has no attrib...
2019-04-17 Alexandre Derumierifupdown2 : bump to 1.2.5
2019-04-17 Alexandre Derumierbridge up : skip tap|veth|fwpr
2019-04-17 Alexandre Derumierallow vlan subinterface in vlan aware bridge
2019-04-17 Alexandre Derumierconfig: keep ifreload_down_changed=0
2019-04-17 Thomas Lamprechtupdate submodule to 1.2.5-1
2019-01-08 Alexandre Derumierbump version to 1.2.2-1+pvetest1
2019-01-08 Alexandre Derumierupdate config tuning patch
2019-01-08 Thomas Lamprechtupdate submodule to 1.2.2-1
2018-08-09 Dietmar MaurerMakefile: replace ARCH with all
2018-07-03 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 1.2.0-1+pvetest1
2018-07-03 Wolfgang Bumilleradd patch to fix networking.service
2018-07-03 Wolfgang Bumillerupdate to current master-next and remove upstreamed...
2018-06-18 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.0.0-1~pvetest3
2018-06-18 Alexandre Derumierallow address on vlan aware bridge
2018-06-18 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.0.0-1~pvetest2
2018-06-18 Wolfgang Bumillerrevert 113afc4da2, the patch wasn't actually applied
2018-06-15 Wolfgang Bumillercleanup patches
2018-06-15 Wolfgang Bumillerremove already-applied patch
2018-06-15 Wolfgang Bumillerchange to pve packaging
2018-06-15 Wolfgang Bumillerswitch to relative mirror
2018-06-15 Wolfgang Bumillerbuildsys: cleanup
2018-06-15 Alexandre Derumieradd ifupdown2 submodule
2018-06-15 Alexandre Derumieradd debian dir
2018-06-15 Alexandre Derumieradd makefile