Add a readme.txt file as a brief introduction to this new package.
[mirror_edk2.git] / EdkShellBinPkg / ReadMe.txt
c03b1ae7 1The binaries of EdkShellBinPkg are generated with EDK-Shell 1.05 release and build with Edk Compatibility & BaseTools Package\r
abe7b4c6 3\r
fa312759 4The following steps can help to re-generate these binaries for customization:\r
c03b1ae7 51. Check out EdkCompatibilityPkg (r5439) to a directory EdkCompatibilityPkg in workspace (svn \r
62. Update to the newest BaseTools package. (r5439 or later)\r
72. Download EfiShell from EDK Shell official release\r
fa312759 83. Unzip it to be a sub-directory in EdkCompatibilityPkg , i.e. c:\EdkII\EdkCompatibilityPkg\Shell\r
c03b1ae7 94. Apply a hot fix Shell_HotFix.diff under EdkShellBinPkg\GenBin directory. This is mainly to fix the RFC 3066 language comaptiblity issues. This patch will be integrated into the later official release.\r
fa312759 105. Under workspace directory (i.e. c:\EdkII), execute:\r
c03b1ae7 11 build -a IA32 -a X64 -a IPF -p EdkShellBinPkg\GenBin\EdkShellPkg.dsc\r
970e4d2b 126. Copy the binaries from Build directory to this package. Typically the EFI binary\r
fa312759 13 of EdkCompatibility\Shell\$(INF_BASENAME).inf is generated at:\r
c03b1ae7 14 Build\EdkShellPkg\DEBUG_MYTOOLS\$(ARCH)\EdkCompatibility\Shell\$(INF_BASENAME)\OUTPUT\$(BASENAME).efi\r
fa312759 15 For example:\r
970e4d2b 16 The x64 EFI image of EdkCompatibility\Shell\ver\ver.inf is generated at:\r
c03b1ae7 17 Build\EdkShellPkg\DEBUG_MYTOOLS\X64\EdkCompatibilityPkg\Shell\ver\Ver\OUTPUT\ver.efi\r
abe7b4c6 18\r
19Note: Other\Maintained\Application\Shell\Shell.inf corresponds to Minimum shell binaries.\r
20 Other\Maintained\Application\Shell\ShellFull.inf corresponds to Full Shell binaries.