Add target.txt file for building UnixPkg in CYGWIN environment.
[mirror_edk2.git] / EdkUnixPkg / target.txt
8d58174f 1#\r
2# Copyright (c) 2007, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. <BR>\r
4# This software and associated documentation (if any) is furnished\r
5# under a license and may only be used or copied in accordance\r
6# with the terms of the license. Except as permitted by such\r
7# license, no part of this software or documentation may be\r
8# reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any\r
9# form or by any means without the express written consent of\r
10# Intel Corporation. \r
12# Filename: target.template\r
14# ALL Paths are Relative to WORKSPACE\r
16# Separate multiple LIST entries with a SINGLE SPACE character, do not use comma characters.\r
17# Un-set an option by either commenting out the line, or not setting a value.\r
20# PROPERTY Type Use Description\r
21# ---------------- -------- -------- -----------------------------------------------------------\r
22# ACTIVE_PLATFORM Filename Recommended Specify the WORKSPACE relative Path and Filename \r
23# of the platform FPD file that will be used for the build\r
24# This line is required if and only if the current working\r
25# directory does not contain one or more FPD files.\r
27ACTIVE_PLATFORM = EdkUnixPkg/Unix.fpd\r
29# TARGET List Optional Zero or more of the following: DEBUG, RELEASE, \r
30# UserDefined; separated by a space character. \r
31# If the line is missing or no value is specified, all \r
32# valid targets specified in the FPD file will attempt \r
33# to be built. The following line will build all platform\r
34# targets.\r
35# TARGET = \r
37# TARGET_ARCH List Optional What kind of architecture is the binary being target for. \r
38# One, or more, of the following, IA32, IA64, X64, EBC or ARM.\r
39# Multiple values can be specified on a single line, using \r
40# space charaters to separate the values. These are used \r
41# during the parsing of an FPD file, restricting the build\r
42# output target(s.)\r
43# The Build Target ARCH is determined by a logical AND of:\r
44# FPD BuildOptions: <SupportedArchitectures> tag\r
45# If not specified, then all valid architectures specified \r
46# in the FPD file, for which tools are available, will be \r
47# built.\r
50# TOOL_DEFINITION_FILE Filename Optional Specify the name of the filename to use for specifying \r
51# the tools to use for the build. If not specified, \r
52# tools_def.txt will be used for the build. This file \r
53# MUST be located in the WORKSPACE/Tools/Conf directory.\r
54TOOL_CHAIN_CONF = Tools/Conf/tools_def.txt\r
56# TAGNAME List Optional Specify the name(s) of the tools_def.txt TagName to use. \r
57# If not specified, all applicable TagName tools will be \r
58# used for the build. The list uses space character separation.\r
61# MULTIPLE_THREAD FLAG Optional Flag to enable multi-thread build. If not specified, default\r
62# is "Disable". If your computer is multi-core or multiple CPUs, \r
63# enabling this feature will bring much benefit. For multi-thread \r
64# built, the log will write to ${BUILD_DIR}/build.log. \r
65# This feature is only for PLATFORM build, and clean, cleanall or\r
66# stand-alone module build is still using the normal way. \r
69# MAX_CONCURRENT_THREAD_NUMBER NUMBER Optional The number of concurrent threads. Default is 2. Recommend to \r
70# set this value to one more than the number of your compurter\r
71# cores or CPUs. \r