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[mirror_edk2.git] / IntelFrameworkPkg / Include / Ppi / S3Resume.h
79964ac8 1/** @file\r
4a71b21a 2 This file declares S3 Resume PPI which accomplishes the firmware S3 resume boot path\r
3 and transfers control to OS.\r
4 \r
5 This PPI is published by the S3 resume PEIM and can be used on the S3 resume boot path to\r
6 restore the platform to its preboot configuration and transfer control to OS. The information that is\r
7 required for an S3 resume can be saved during the normal boot path using\r
8 EFI_ACPI_S3_SAVE_PROTOCOL. This presaved information can then be restored in the S3\r
9 resume boot path using EFI_PEI_S3_RESUME_PPI. Architecturally, the S3 resume PEIM is the\r
10 last PEIM to be dispatched in the S3 resume boot path.\r
11 Before using this PPI, the caller has to ensure the necessary information for the S3 resume, such as\r
12 the following, is available for the S3 resume boot path:\r
13 - EFI_ACPI_S3_RESUME_SCRIPT_TABLE script table. Type\r