Updating ArmLib.h to add functions needed to turn on paging in CpuDxe. Also added...
[mirror_edk2.git] / OptionRomPkg / ReadMe.txt
87f8ccbe 1AtapiPassThru:\r
2 For now, AtapiPassThru driver in this package is to test Scsi Bus support:\r
3 ScsiBus driver should support both/either ScsiPassThru and ExtScsiPassThru\r
4 installed on a controller handle.\r
5 \r
6 AtapiPassThru driver in this package can selectively produce ScsiPassThru\r
7 and/or ExtScsiPassThru protocol based on feature flags of PcdSupportScsiPassThru\r
c281c698 8 and PcdSupportExtScsiPassThru.\r
823f7d4f 9\r
87f8ccbe 10CirrusLogic5430:\r
11 Sample implementation of UGA Draw or Graphics Output Protocol for the Cirrus\r
12 Logic 5430 family of PCI video card. It provides reference code for the GOP/UGA,\r
13 Component Name (2), EFI driver supported Verison protocol.\r
823f7d4f 14\r
15Build Validation:\r
16MYTOOLS(VS2005) IA32 X64 IPF EBC\r
17ICC IA32 X64 IPF\r