Import BaseMemoryLibMmx;
[mirror_edk2.git] / Tools / Python /
281ab331 1echo "You proxy is currently set to \"$http_proxy\"."
2echo "It needs to set in order to download through a firewall."
fc7599b9 3echo "For example: \"export\""
45a6b807 4set -e
281ab331 5echo "After the download, get ready to enter the root password."
835cdfb7 6curl -C - --remote-name --progress-bar
45a6b807 7hdiutil attach python-2.4.4-macosx2006-10-18.dmg
8sudo installer -pkg "/Volumes/Univeral MacPython 2.4.4/MacPython.mpkg/" -target /
9sudo ln -fs /usr/local/bin/python2.4 /usr/bin/python
10hdiutil unmount "/Volumes/Univeral MacPython 2.4.4/"
281ab331 11
12# Get the wxpython installer.
835cdfb7 13curl -C - --remote-name --progress-bar
281ab331 14hdiutil attach wxPython2.8-osx-unicode-
15sudo installer -pkg /Volumes/wxPython2.8-osx-unicode- -target /
16hdiutil unmount /Volumes/wxPython2.8-osx-unicode-