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1The binaries of EdkShellBinPkg are generated with and build with Edk Compatibility & BaseTools Package\r
4The following steps can help to re-generate these binaries for customization:\r
51. Check out EdkCompatibilityPkg (r8419) to $(WORKSPACE)\EdkCompatibilityPkg (svn\r
62. Check out EdkShellPkg(r8419) to $(WORKSPACE)\EdkShellPkg (svn\r
73 Check out Edk Shell project source (r33) to $(WORKSPACE) (svn It is read-only and current revison (r33) is identical to \r
84. Update to the newest BaseTools package. (r8419 or later)\r
95. Under workspace directory (i.e. c:\EdkII), execute: build -a IA32 -a X64 -a IPF -p EdkShellPkg\EdkShellPkg.dsc\r
106. Copy the binaries from Build directory to this package. Typically the EFI binary of EdkShellPkg\Shell\$(INF_BASENAME).inf is generated at:\r
11 Build\EdkShellPkg\DEBUG_MYTOOLS\$(ARCH)\EdkShellPkg\Shell\$(INF_BASENAME)\OUTPUT\$(BASENAME).efi\r
12 For example:\r
13 The x64 EFI image of EdkShellPkg\Shell\ver\ver.inf is generated at:\r
14 Build\EdkShellPkg\DEBUG_MYTOOLS\X64\EdkShellPkg\Shell\ver\Ver\OUTPUT\ver.efi\r
16Note: Other\Maintained\Application\Shell\Shell.inf corresponds to Minimum shell binaries.\r
17 Other\Maintained\Application\Shell\ShellFull.inf corresponds to Full Shell binaries.