Program SD Cards into 4-bit mode (support for this is required in the spec). This...
[mirror_edk2.git] / EdkShellBinPkg / ReadMe.txt
1 The binaries of EdkShellBinPkg are generated with (plus a hot-fix see EdkShellbinPkg\HotFix.diff) and build with Edk Compatibility & BaseTools Package (r9623). The binaries are built with no debug information by building with "RELEASE" target.
3 The following steps can help to re-generate these binaries for customization:
4 1. Check out EdkCompatibilityPkg (r9623) to $(WORKSPACE)\EdkCompatibilityPkg (svn
5 2. Check out EdkShellPkg(r9623) to $(WORKSPACE)\EdkShellPkg (svn
6 3a.Check out Edk Shell project source (r36) to $(WORKSPACE) (svn It is read-only and current revison (r36) is identical to
7 3b.Apply the hot fix in EdkShellBinPkg\HotFix.diff to fix the following issues:
8 Security hole in LoadImage() when EFI_SECURITY_VIOLATION status is returned.
9 Load.efi to load 32bit driver in 64bit platform causing system hang.
10 Fix for PCI multi-segment support.
11 4. Update to the newest BaseTools package (r9623) to $(WORKSPACE) (svn
12 5. Under workspace directory (i.e. c:\EdkII),
13 To generate Minimum Shell, execute: "build -a IA32 -a X64 -a IPF -p EdkShellPkg\EdkShellPkg.dsc -m EdkShellPkg\Shell\Shell.inf -b RELEASE"
14 To generate Full Shell, execute: "build -a IA32 -a X64 -a IPF -p EdkShellPkg\EdkShellPkg.dsc -m EdkShellPkg\Shell\ShellFull.inf -b RELEASE"
15 6. In EdkShellBinPkg\Bin, we only provides the binary files of those applications which haven't been contained in Minmum Shell but in Full Shell.
16 To generate them, execute: "build -a IA32 -a X64 -a IPF -p EdkShellPkg\EdkShellPkg.dsc -m EdkShellPkg\Xxx\Xxx.inf -b RELEASE". Xxx means the corresponding module name.