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[mirror_edk2.git] / EdkShellPkg / ReadMe.txt
1 This is EDK style package:
2 1. It contians an SVN extern Shell directory for the SVN address:
4 2. This SVN extern directory is from EDK Shell Source project and is read only.
5 Current version (r30) corresponds to EDK Shell 1.05 official release.
6 3. The ShellHotFix.patch file solves the follow two issues in EDK Shell 1.05 release:
7 a. RFC3066 language compatibility issue in drivers command.
8 b. "CHAR8" compatibility issue in DmpStore, Edit command and shell script execution.
9 This patch will be integrated into the later official release.
10 4. The EDK II style DSC file is used to validate build EDK Shell source & EDK compatibility package and can generate the binaries in EdkShellBinPkg.
11 To use this file, execute the following command under workspace to build EDK Shell source:
12 build -a IA32 -a X64 -a IPF -p EdkShellPkg\EdkShellPkg.dsc