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1 // /** @file\r
2 // Firmware Management Protocol Device Package\r
3 //\r
4 // This package provides an implementation of a Firmware Management Protocol\r
5 // instance that supports the update of firmware storage devices using UEFI\r
6 // Capsules.  The behavior of the Firmware Management Protocol instance is\r
7 // customized using libraries and PCDs.\r
8 //\r
9 // Copyright (c) 2018, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.<BR>\r
10 //\r
11 // This program and the accompanying materials are licensed and made available under\r
12 // the terms and conditions of the BSD License which accompanies this distribution.\r
13 // The full text of the license may be found at\r
14 //\r
15 //\r
18 //\r
19 // **/\r
20 \r
21 #string STR_PACKAGE_ABSTRACT     #language en-US  "Firmware Management Protocol Software Development Kit"\r
22 \r
23 #string STR_PACKAGE_DESCRIPTION  #language en-US  "This package provides libraries that support the implementation of a module that produces the Firmware Management Protocol to support the update of a system firmware component."\r
24 \r
25 #string STR_gFmpDevicePkgTokenSpaceGuid_PcdFmpDeviceTestKeySha256Digest_PROMPT  #language en-US "SHA-256 hash of PKCS7 test key."\r
26 #string STR_gFmpDevicePkgTokenSpaceGuid_PcdFmpDeviceTestKeySha256Digest_HELP    #language en-US "The SHA-256 hash of a PKCS7 test key that is used to detect if a test key"\r
27                                                                                                 "is being used to authenticate capsules.  Test key detection can be disabled"\r
28                                                                                                 "by setting the value to {0}"\r
29 \r
30 #string STR_gFmpDevicePkgTokenSpaceGuid_PcdFmpDeviceProgressColor_PROMPT  #language en-US "Firmware Device Progress Bar Color."\r
31 #string STR_gFmpDevicePkgTokenSpaceGuid_PcdFmpDeviceProgressColor_HELP    #language en-US "The color of the progress bar during a firmware update.  Each firmware"\r
32                                                                                           "device can set its own color.  The default color is white.<BR><BR>\n"\r
33                                                                                           "Bits  7..0  - Red<BR>\n"\r
34                                                                                           "Bits 15..8  - Green<BR>\n"\r
35                                                                                           "Bits 23..16 - Blue<BR>\n"\r
36 \r
37 #string STR_gFmpDevicePkgTokenSpaceGuid_PcdFmpDeviceImageIdName_PROMPT  #language en-US "Firmware Device ImageIdName string."\r
38 #string STR_gFmpDevicePkgTokenSpaceGuid_PcdFmpDeviceImageIdName_HELP    #language en-US "The Null-terminated Unicode string used to fill in the ImageIdName field of"\r
39                                                                                         "the EFI_FIRMWARE_IMAGE_DESCRIPTOR structure that is returned by the"\r
40                                                                                         "GetImageInfo() service of the Firmware Management Protocol for the firmware"\r
41                                                                                         "device.  An ImageIdName string must be provided for each firmware device."\r
42                                                                                         "The default value is an empty string."\r
43 \r
44 #string STR_gFmpDevicePkgTokenSpaceGuid_PcdFmpDeviceBuildTimeLowestSupportedVersion_PROMPT  #language en-US "Build Time Firmware Device Lowest Support Version."\r
45 #string STR_gFmpDevicePkgTokenSpaceGuid_PcdFmpDeviceBuildTimeLowestSupportedVersion_HELP    #language en-US "The build time value used to fill in the LowestSupportedVersion field of"\r
46                                                                                                             "the EFI_FIRMWARE_IMAGE_DESCRIPTOR structure that is returned by the"\r
47                                                                                                             "GetImageInfo() service of the Firmware Management Protocol.  This value is"\r
48                                                                                                             "only used if the firmware device does not provide a method to report the"\r
49                                                                                                             "lowest supported version value from the current firmware image and the"\r
50                                                                                                             "UEFI variable used to provide the lowest supported version value does not"\r
51                                                                                                             "exist.  The default value is 0."\r
52 \r
53 #string STR_gFmpDevicePkgTokenSpaceGuid_PcdFmpDeviceProgressWatchdogTimeInSeconds_PROMPT  #language en-US "Firmware Device Watchdog Time in Seconds."\r
54 #string STR_gFmpDevicePkgTokenSpaceGuid_PcdFmpDeviceProgressWatchdogTimeInSeconds_HELP    #language en-US "Indicates the time in seconds to arm a watchdog timer during the update of"\r
55                                                                                                           "a firmware device.  The watchdog is re-armed each time the FmpDeviceLib"\r
56                                                                                                           "calls the Progress() function passed into FmpDeviceSetImage() function."\r
57                                                                                                           "The FmpDeviceLib calls Progress() to update the percent completion of a"\r
58                                                                                                           "firmware update.  If the watchdog timer expires, the system reboots.  A"\r
59                                                                                                           "value of 0 disables the watchdog timer.  The default value is 0 (watchdog"\r
60                                                                                                           "disabled)."\r
61 \r
62 #string STR_gFmpDevicePkgTokenSpaceGuid_PcdFmpDevicePkcs7CertBufferXdr_PROMPT  #language en-US "One or more XDR encoded PKCS7 certificates used to verify firmware device capsule update images"\r
63 #string STR_gFmpDevicePkgTokenSpaceGuid_PcdFmpDevicePkcs7CertBufferXdr_HELP    #language en-US "Provides one or more PKCS7 certificates used to verify a firmware device"\r
64                                                                                                "capsule update image.  This PCD is encoded using the Variable-Length Opaque"\r
65                                                                                                "Data format of RFC 4506 External Data Representation Standard (XDR)."\r
66                                                                                                "The default value is empty with 0 certificates."\r
67 \r
68 #string STR_gFmpDevicePkgTokenSpaceGuid_PcdFmpDeviceLockEventGuid_PROMPT  #language en-US "Firmware Device Lock Event GUID."\r
69 #string STR_gFmpDevicePkgTokenSpaceGuid_PcdFmpDeviceLockEventGuid_HELP    #language en-US "An event GUID that locks the firmware device when the event is signaled."\r
70                                                                                           "If this PCD is not a valid GUID value, then the firmware device is locked"\r
71                                                                                           "when gEfiEndOfDxeEventGroupGuid (End of DXE Phase) is signaled.  The"\r
72                                                                                           "default value is empty, so by default the firmware device is locked at the"\r
73                                                                                           "end of the DXE phase."\r
74 \r
75 \r