Restoring $WORKSPACE/BaseTools location, as the plan is to deprecate
[mirror_edk2.git] / BaseTools / Bin / Win32 / build.exe
2007-10-17 jljustenRestoring $WORKSPACE/BaseTools location, as the plan...
2007-10-16 jljustenMoved $WORKSPACE/BaseTools to $WORKSPACE/Tools/BaseTools.
2007-10-16 jlin16change location of FvAddress.inf to FV\Ffs.
2007-10-11 jwang36a) Fixed single module hang issue when using spawn...
2007-10-11 jwang36a) Supported MAKE command in tools_def.txt
2007-10-10 mdkinneyOnly report a circular dependency between library const...
2007-10-10 jwang36Fix bug of UI override not take effect for INF.
2007-10-08 jwang36Fixed build hang issue in multi-thread mode and in...
2007-10-08 jlin16Add support for MACRO in key string list of INF.
2007-09-29 jwang36a. Fixed unnecessary re-build issue
2007-09-29 jlin16Add MACRO support for path in FDF file.
2007-09-29 jwang36Fixed an issue that is the auto-generated code for...
2007-09-27 jwang36Fixed an issue which DSC file in current directory...
2007-09-27 jwang361) Improved spawn mode (multi-thread) build performance
2007-09-27 klu2Modify PEIM's entry point
2007-09-26 jlin16GenFds.exe add feature of Capsule generation.
2007-09-21 jlin16Add support of INF file in FDF that describe binary...
2007-09-21 jlin16Fix APRIORI file missing FILE statement.
2007-09-20 jlin16Add feature of Apriori file generation for FV.
2007-09-18 jwang36Enabled "fds" build target for build.exe and added...
2007-09-14 jwang36Fixed the wrong usage of ENV()
2007-09-14 jwang361) Fixed the issue which macro in the form of ENV(...
2007-09-13 jwang361) Implemented MACRO in tools_def.txt
2007-09-13 jjin9fix a bug which blocks the build process.change os...
2007-09-12 qhuang8Re-fix the issue in r2304.
2007-09-12 qhuang8Fix a typo so that platforms without FDF file can pass...
2007-09-12 qhuang8Fix typos
2007-09-12 qhuang8Fix several typos in and regenerate exe.
2007-09-12 klu2PI Enable:
2007-09-12 jlin16Fix typo in build.
2007-09-10 lgao4Commit build.exe and GenFds.exe tool to support new...
2007-09-07 klu2Upgrade the format of EFI_PEIM_ENTRY_POINT to EFI_PEIM_...
2007-08-31 jwang361. Added support of included file with macro
2007-08-30 qhuang8Update all INF, DEC and DSC file to confirm to newest...
2007-08-22 jwang36Fixed incremental link issue, which dependent libraries...
2007-08-18 jwang36Re-designed build_rule.template and updated build.exe...
2007-08-15 jwang36Incorporated Mike's fix on gEfiCallerGuidId definition
2007-08-14 qouyangFix bug.
2007-08-13 jwang36Fixed an issue of PCD under [Components] in DSC file
2007-08-13 jwang36Fixed a bug in parsing <PcdsDynamic> of <Components...
2007-08-13 jwang361. Incorporated FDF parser fix
2007-08-13 jwang36Fixed an issue in referencing DatumType in AutoGen
2007-08-12 jjin9fix a issue for TARGET_ARCH
2007-08-09 jwang361. Added architecture override option for GenFds comman...
2007-08-09 jwang36Fixed library instance selection issue
2007-08-08 jwang36Changed the output format
2007-08-08 jwang36Fixed BDS display issue caused by unicode file parse
2007-08-07 jwang361. Fixed STRING_TOKEN() matching issue during unicode...
2007-08-03 jwang36Fixed derived DEPEX issue
2007-08-03 jwang36Roll back to r3528
2007-08-02 jwang36Fixed issue in Dynamic PCD in dependent library instances.
2007-08-02 jwang36Fixed PCD Sku VariableGuid error
2007-08-01 jwang361. Generated new build.exe from new tools code
2007-07-31 jwang36Per the requirement of GenFv tool, added command to...
2007-07-31 jwang36Changed the .lib file directory from public LIB_DIR...
2007-07-31 jwang36There's still bug in library summarization code. Fixed...
2007-07-31 jwang36Fixed the library instance filter issue
2007-07-31 jwang36Fixed issue in filtering supported module type for...
2007-07-30 lhauchSet the svn:executable property on all *.exe files
2007-07-30 jwang36Fixed dynamic PCD autogen issue for LakeportX64
2007-07-30 jwang36Fixed the missed parameter of GetGuidValue()
2007-07-30 jwang36Removed "self." from GetGuidValue() method since it...
2007-07-30 jwang36Fixed a typo in PCD type
2007-07-30 jwang36Fixed TokenNumber issue for DynamicEx type of PCD
2007-07-27 jwang36Fixed library instance incomplete issue
2007-07-27 jwang36Fixed library instance issue
2007-07-27 jwang36Fixed tool chain error when building single module...
2007-07-27 jwang36Fixed an issue in building single module for platform...
2007-07-26 jwang361. Added more check on module ARCH
2007-07-25 jwang361. Fixed PCD MaxDatumSize issue
2007-07-25 jwang361. Fixed PCD SizeTable issue in AutoGen.c
2007-07-24 jwang361. Added more error check
2007-07-23 jwang36Put a copy of efi file in OUPUT directory also
2007-07-23 jwang36- Changed output directory of .efi file;
2007-07-20 jwang36Fixed GCC link issue and vfr build issue
2007-07-19 jwang36Fixed EBC build error
2007-07-19 jwang36Fixed another typo in PCD autogen template string
2007-07-19 jwang36Fixed a typo in PCD autogen template string
2007-07-19 jwang36Removed unnecessary debug message
2007-07-19 jwang36Temporary fix for bug in building platform for more...
2007-07-19 jwang36Added more error check
2007-07-18 jwang36Added GCC (CYGWIN only) tool chain family support
2007-07-18 jwang36Fixed Unicode-Text file type issue
2007-07-18 jwang36Improved the file type filter
2007-07-18 jwang36Merged with new build tool changes.
2007-07-17 jwang36Added more error message when PCD is not found
2007-07-17 jwang361. Fixed generated token number issue for dynamic PCD
2007-07-12 jwang36Fixed missed exception message
2007-07-12 jwang36Fixed unicode file parse issue
2007-07-11 jwang36Added string variable declarations in AutoGen.h
2007-07-11 jwang361. Fixed library instance override issue
2007-07-10 jwang36- Fixed Dynamic PCD for PEI module issue
2007-07-10 jwang361. Refined the generated makefile
2007-07-09 jwang361. Added USER_DEFINED support;
2007-07-09 jwang36Refined the build* targets
2007-07-07 jjin9Don't call genc and genmake again for target(CleanALL)
2007-07-06 jwang36Enabled PCD DXE/PEI module build.
2007-07-06 jwang36Fixed exit() issue.
2007-07-06 jwang36Fixed a string format typo when raising exception
2007-07-06 jwang36Added new [BuildOptions] format support