BaseTools: Library hashing fix and optimization for --hash feature
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2019-05-21 Rodriguez, ChristianBaseTools: Library hashing fix and optimization for...
2019-05-21 Michael D KinneyBaseTools: Fix private includes for FILE_GUID override
2019-04-22 Rodriguez, ChristianBaseTools: Enhance Bin Cache database to support save...
2019-04-10 Rodriguez, ChristianBaseTools: Fix corner-cases of --hash feature
2019-04-10 Rodriguez, ChristianBaseTools: Fix corner-cases of --hash feature
2019-04-10 Rodriguez, ChristianBaseTools: Fix corner-cases of --hash feature
2019-04-09 Michael D KinneyBaseTools: Replace BSD License with BSD+Patent License
2019-03-24 Feng, Bob CBaseTools: Remove the logic SourceOverridePath
2019-03-15 Jiewen YaoBaseTool/Build: Add --disable-include-path-check.
2019-02-22 Fan, ZhijuXBaseTools:Build fail if define [DEPEX] in library inf
2019-02-20 Fan, ZhijuXBaseTools:Fixed build failure when specifying multiple...
2019-02-19 Feng, Bob CBaseTools: Fixed a bug in Vpd handling
2019-02-14 Antoine CoeurBaseTools: Various typo
2019-02-06 Philippe Mathieu... BaseTools: Fix build failure when specifying multiple...
2019-02-01 Feng, Bob CBaseTools: Handle the bytes and str difference
2019-02-01 Feng, Bob CBaseTools: the list and iterator translation
2019-02-01 Zhijux FanBaseTools: change the Division Operator
2019-02-01 Feng, Bob CBaseTools: Make sure AllPcdList valid.
2019-02-01 Zhijux FanBasetools: It went wrong when use os.linesep
2019-02-01 Yunhua FengBaseTools: Remove unnecessary super function
2019-01-21 Carsey, JabenBaseTools/AutoGen: move functions
2019-01-21 Fan, ZhijuXBaseTools:build break if the Path contains SingleFile.Ext
2019-01-21 Felix PolyudovBaseTools: Fix incorrect formatting of GenFds command...
2019-01-21 Fan, ZhijuXBaseTools:Build fail when PCD use in the [DEPEX] sectio...
2019-01-14 Feng, Bob CBaseTools: Remove unused logic for EDKI
2019-01-10 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: fix imports
2018-12-15 Feng, Bob CBaseTools: Fix PcdNvStoreDefaultValueBuffer Value.
2018-12-07 Zhao, ZhiqiangXBaseTools: AutoGen and GenFds share the parser data.
2018-12-06 Jaben CarseyBaseTools: create and use a standard shared variable...
2018-11-02 Zhao, ZhiqiangXBaseTools: Check the max size for string PCD.
2018-11-02 Feng, Bob CBaseTools: Add checking to EFI variable attribute.
2018-10-25 Yonghong ZhuBaseTools: Fix the bug for Pcd used in command line...
2018-10-24 Zhaozh1xBaseTools: Not convert the void* pcd string in command...
2018-10-21 Yonghong ZhuBaseTools: Fix the crash issue when Dynamic structure...
2018-10-15 Yunhua FengBaseTools: increment build generate inf file lost ...
2018-10-15 Liming GaoRevert BaseTools: PYTHON3 migration
2018-10-13 Yunhua FengBaseTools: increment build generate inf file lost ...
2018-10-13 Yunhua FengBaseTools: Fix some build and report file issue
2018-10-13 Yunhua FengBaseTools: change the Division Operator in the expression
2018-10-13 Yunhua FengBaseTools: do the list and iterator translation
2018-10-13 Yunhua FengBaseTools: Handle the bytes and str difference
2018-10-13 Yunhua FengBaseTools: remove the super() function argument
2018-10-13 Yunhua FengBaseTools: Remove the "from __future__ import" items
2018-09-26 bob.c.feng@intel.comBaseTool: Support different PCDs that refers to the...
2018-09-26 Liming GaoBaseTools: Fix the wrong reference _GetSkuIds() in...
2018-09-20 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: refactor to not overcreate ModuleAutoGen...
2018-09-20 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: AutoGen refactor WorkspaceAutoGen class
2018-09-20 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: Refactor PlatformAutoGen
2018-09-12 Zhao, ZhiqiangXBaseTools: Check PcdNvStoreDefaultValueBuffer.
2018-09-12 Feng, Bob CBaseTools: Structure Pcd value override incorrect.
2018-08-30 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: Refactor to remove functionally equivalent...
2018-08-30 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: Create and use a shared value for 'MSFT...
2018-08-29 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: remove unused import
2018-08-23 Feng, YunhuaXBaseTools: remove cmp due to deprecated in python3
2018-08-21 Feng, YunhuaXBaseTools: Fix regression issue by b23414f6540d
2018-08-20 Jaben CarseyBaseTools: AutoGen refactor to iterate less
2018-08-20 Jaben CarseyBaseTools: AutoGen - tag a function as cachable
2018-08-20 Jaben CarseyBaseTools: AutoGen refactor ModuleAutoGen caching
2018-08-16 Feng, Bob CBaseTools: Remove a unused function.
2018-08-08 Yunhua FengBaseTools: Debug message make confused
2018-07-23 Yunhua FengBaseTools: enable FixedAtBuild (VOID*) PCD use in the...
2018-07-18 Yonghong ZhuBaseTools: Remove the duplicate Pcd items
2018-07-16 Gary LinBaseTools: Use absolute import in AutoGen
2018-07-13 BobCFBaseTools: Enable structure pcd in FDF file
2018-07-12 bob.c.feng@intel.comBaseTool: Fixed the incorrect cache key.
2018-07-10 Yonghong ZhuBaseTools: Fix the bug that incorrect size info in...
2018-07-09 Feng, Bob CBaseTool: Add cache for the result of SkipAutogen.
2018-07-09 Liming GaoBaseTools: Clean up source files
2018-06-29 Jaben CarseyBaseTools: AutoGen - move constructor out of loop
2018-06-29 Jaben CarseyBaseTools: AutoGen - clean up access
2018-06-27 Jaben CarseyBaseTools: AutoGen - Remove unused variables.
2018-06-27 Gary LinBaseTools: Replace StringIO.StringIO with io.BytesIO
2018-06-27 Gary LinBaseTools: Adjust the spaces around commas and colons
2018-06-27 Gary LinBaseTools: Remove the deprecated hash_key()
2018-06-27 Gary LinBaseTools: Remove the old python "not-equal"
2018-06-27 Gary LinBaseTools: Refactor python print statements
2018-06-27 Gary LinBaseTools: Refactor python except statements
2018-06-13 Jaben CarseyBaseTools: Cleanup unneeded code
2018-06-13 Jaben CarseyBaseTools: refactor to remove functions
2018-05-28 Marvin.Haeuser@out... BaseTools: Rename String to StringUtils.
2018-05-22 Yunhua FengBaseTools: Report more clear error message when PCD...
2018-05-22 Yunhua FengBaseTools: Library PCD type will inherit from the driver
2018-05-22 Yunhua FengBaseTools: Fix bug PCD type in component is not same...
2018-05-16 Lin, DerekBaseTools: Fix --hash Package and Module hash value.
2018-05-04 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: dont make iterator into list if not needed
2018-05-02 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: remove redundant if comparison
2018-05-02 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: Replace Binary File type strings with predef...
2018-05-02 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: Replace PCD type strings with predefined...
2018-05-02 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: DataType - cleanup list constants
2018-05-02 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: Define and use a set for common list
2018-05-02 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: replace string constants used for module...
2018-04-26 Yunhua FengBaseTools: Fix one invalid change in 6be94743
2018-04-26 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: AutoGen - use dafultdict instead of dict
2018-04-26 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: Autogen - replace string constants with...
2018-04-23 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: replace 'UINT8','UINT16','UINT32','UINT64...
2018-04-18 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: refactor and remove un-needed use of .keys...
2018-04-18 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: use predefined constants instead of local...
2018-04-17 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: fix None comparisons
2018-04-17 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: use set instead of list for a variable to...
2018-04-17 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: skip updating temporary variable.