BaseTools: cleanup class heirarchy
[mirror_edk2.git] / BaseTools / Source / Python / Ecc / MetaFileWorkspace /
2018-03-30 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: cleanup class heirarchy
2018-03-30 Carsey, JabenBaseTools: Remove equality operator with None
2016-12-29 Hess ChenBaseTools/Ecc: Fix the issue of not recognizing "FILE_GUID"
2015-12-30 Hess ChenBaseTool/ECC: Add UTF-8 support on ECC tool
2015-06-25 Hess ChenBaseTools/Ecc: Fix two bugs for the checkpoint of GUID
2015-06-25 Hess ChenBaseTools/Ecc: Fix a bug in parser
2015-06-25 Hess ChenBaseTools/Ecc: Add a checkpoint for invalid PCD info.
2015-06-25 Hess ChenBaseTools/Ecc: Add a checkpoint for invalid UNI file.
2014-12-09 Hess ChenBaseTools/ECC: Fix some issues of ECC tool
2014-08-25 Hess ChenThis patch is going to:
2014-08-15 Hess ChenThere is a limitation on WINDOWS OS for the length...
2014-07-01 Gao, LimingSync BaseTool trunk (version r2670) into EDKII BaseTools.
2014-01-27 Gao, LimingSync BaseTool trunk (version r2649) into EDKII BaseTools.
2013-11-18 Liming GaoSync BaseTool trunk (version r2610) into EDKII BaseTools.
2012-04-10 lgao4Sync BaseTools Trunk (version r2518) to EDKII main...
2011-12-16 lgao4Sync BaseTool trunk (version r2474) into EDKII BaseTools.
2011-12-07 lgao4Sync BaseTool trunk (version r2460) into EDKII BaseTool...