BaseTools/BinToPcd: Fix Python 2.7.x compatibility issue
[mirror_edk2.git] / DuetPkg / BootSector /
2014-01-22 Tian, HotFix CRLF format
2012-01-18 rsun3DuetPkg BootSector: fix a bug in st32_64.S that the...
2012-01-13 rsun3DuetPkg BootSector: fix bugs in .S files so that 32...
2012-01-10 rsun3DuetPkg BootSector: Clean up .S files for 64-bit Duet...
2011-11-24 rsun3DuetPkg BootSector: Add missing .code16 directive into...
2011-11-16 rsun3DuetPkg BootSector:
2010-04-28 hhtianUpdate the copyright notice format
2010-04-06 lgao4Update the modules with the different module GUID to...
2010-03-10 klu21, Remove comma after year
2010-03-10 klu2Cleanup license header
2010-03-10 klu2Add license header for Duet's makefile.
2009-08-21 qhuang8Remove .rept directive to improve portability.
2009-08-21 qhuang8Detab in DuetPkg
2009-08-20 qhuang8Use .p2align directive instead of ambiguous .align...
2009-08-20 qhuang8Make end of line consistent for DuetPkg. There is no...
2009-06-22 klu2This patch includes:
2009-06-01 gikidyReplaced ASM_GLOBAL with .global, and add start label...
2009-05-20 xli241. Remove .extern from GCC assembly.
2009-04-09 klu2Add comments for introducing startup sequence for DUET...
2009-04-09 klu2Add comments for introducing startup sequence for DUET...
2009-03-16 gikidyFile st32_64.S added for X64.
2009-03-16 gikidyFile st16_64.S added for X64.
2009-03-16 gikidyAdded efi64.S file for X64 and reviewed efi32.S file.
2009-03-16 gikidy1. Add start64.S file for X64.
2009-03-15 klu2Remove exit from batch file
2009-03-13 gikidycleanScreen verified.
2009-03-13 gikidyFix cleanScreen issue.
2009-03-12 gikidy1. Fix some convert issue.
2009-03-05 klu2Fix issue for boot sector
2009-03-05 klu2Should use 16 bit code.
2009-03-05 klu2Should use 16 bit code.
2009-03-05 klu2Refine comments.
2009-03-05 jljustenRemove 'BASETOOLS_DIR' variable. We assume basetools...
2009-03-03 gikidyLinux split replaced by BaseTools Split.
2009-03-02 klu2Add post build script for linux
2009-02-27 gikidy1. Use /Map to generate map files;
2009-02-26 klu2Should use code16 for 16-bit assembler, otherwise 32...
2009-02-26 klu2boot sector use 16-bit code.
2009-02-26 klu2in 16-bit code, cs:[] require prefix because sengment...
2009-02-26 gikidyAdd GNUmakefile for Linux GCC to build BootSector;
2009-02-26 gikidy1. Add GNUmakefile for Linux GCC to build BootSector;
2009-02-20 gikidyPort Intel .asm to GAS S
2009-02-20 jji4New .S files added
2009-02-20 jji4syntax checked
2009-02-20 jji4Port Intel .asm to GNU .S
2009-02-20 gikidyPort Intel .asm to GNU .S
2009-02-20 jji4Port Intel .asm to GNU .S
2009-01-07 klu2Usb ASM but *not* ASM16, the tool chain of ASM is same...
2009-01-06 klu2Add dummy GnuMakefile to pass UNIXGCC building for...
2009-01-06 klu2Use ASMLINK macro but *not* ASMLINK16
2008-10-06 klu2Fix build broken issue
2008-09-29 klu2Add MSFT support
2008-08-14 eric_tianAdd condifition for passing ELFGCC building...
2008-08-14 eric_tianconvert blank to tab
2008-08-13 eric_tianuse tab but not blank to do not break GNU make parsing.
2008-08-13 eric_tianFix build issue in linux environment.
2008-05-08 klu2Support X64 build for DUET platform.
2008-05-08 klu21) Fix some casting working in X64 building
2008-04-25 klu21, Use PrintLib in Duet loader
2008-04-25 klu2Move post building command from make file to bat file...
2008-04-24 klu2Fix the makefile issue for bootsector module
2008-04-24 klu2Delete the macro definitions which build system will...
2008-04-23 klu2init target should not be used in customize makefile...
2008-04-18 klu2User customize build method for BootSector module.
2008-04-17 klu2Porting Duet module from EDKI to EDKII