EdkCompatibilityPkg: Fix some typos of "according"
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2017-02-08 Liming GaoEdkCompatibilityPkg: Fix some typos of "according"
2016-10-27 Laszlo ErsekEdkCompatibilityPkg/Sample/Tools: rebase to ARRAY_SIZE()
2016-10-21 Gary LinEdkCompatibilityPkg: Fix typos in comments
2014-01-23 Tian, HotFix CRLF format
2011-11-15 lzeng14EFI_FVB2_ALIGNMNET_512K should be EFI_FVB2_ALIGNMENT_512K.
2011-02-26 hhtianclean non-ASCII char
2010-11-26 lgao4Sync all bug fixes between EDK1.04 and EDK1.06 into...
2010-04-28 hhtianUpdate the copyright notice format
2010-02-08 lgao4Add the missing BDS license header.
2008-09-04 vanjeffclean up the un-suitable ';' location when declaring...
2008-06-19 qhuang8Remove unrecognized chars in comment for all source...
2008-03-28 qhuang8Add newline at the end of file.
2008-01-24 qwang121) Sync EdkCompatibilityPkg with EDK 1.04. The changes...
2007-06-28 qwang12Add in the 1st version of ECP.