1. Removed the unnecessary #include statements and include files
[mirror_edk2.git] / EdkModulePkg / EdkModulePkg-All-Archs.fpd
2006-06-14 klu2Add <TokenSpaceGuid> for all PCD entry in FPD file
2006-06-12 klu2Modify PCD tool according to final PCD schema modification.
2006-06-04 klu2PCD tools update:
2006-06-04 lhauchUpdated the FPD and SPD files to newer schema formats...
2006-06-01 klu2Add <FrameworkModules> in EdkModulePkg-All-Archs.fpd...
2006-05-03 bbahnsenThis is the file to use to build all architectures.