Ensure the validity of Ffs Sections when adding a new Sections to Ffs.
[mirror_edk2.git] / EdkModulePkg / Library / EdkUefiRuntimeLib /
2006-09-27 lgao4Remove the duplicated Copy Right in msa header.
2006-09-18 lgao4changed EdkModulePkg GUID from the original B6EC423C...
2006-09-06 yshang1Update RuntimeLib.
2006-09-05 yshang1Update library constructor definition.
2006-08-07 yshang11) Fix bug in EdkUefiRuntimeLib.msa(EDKT155).
2006-07-21 yshang1Clean up codes which are related with status code.
2006-07-21 yshang1Change DxeRuntimeDriverLib name to UefiRuntimeLib.