Add DebugPort & DebugSupport drivers
[mirror_edk2.git] / EdkUnixPkg / EdkUnixPkg.spd
2007-06-01 qwang12Add in GUID_TYPE and "Help Text" for GUID declaraion.
2007-05-30 klu2Add emulated serialIo device driver for EdkUnixPkg
2007-02-13 qhuang8Split UnixOemHookStatusCodeLib to PEI/DXE instances
2007-02-13 tgingoldLogo and EdkgenericBdsLib removed
2007-02-02 vanjeff1. removed some null directories BaseTimerLibLocalApic...
2007-01-25 qwang12Remove USER_DEFINED in IncludePkgHeader in spd files...
2007-01-24 bbahnsenFix up file names.
2007-01-07 bbahnsenChange many windows references to unix.
2007-01-06 tgingoldUnix version of EFI emulator