fix build broken issue
[mirror_edk2.git] / EdkUnixPkg / Unix.fpd
2007-03-20 vanjeff1. Removed #ifdef SNP_DEBUG and used debug lib to outpu...
2007-03-16 vanjeff1. Added PcdNtEmulator and Removed MACRO EFI_NT_EMULATOR
2007-03-12 qwang12Resolve the build break caused by changes to DxeCore.
2007-02-26 klu2Add PcdUefiLibMaxPrintBufferSize for all modules who...
2007-02-13 qhuang8Remove the reference of UnixOemStatusHookLib
2007-02-13 qhuang8Split UnixOemHookStatusCodeLib to PEI/DXE instances
2007-02-13 tgingoldupdated to use new packages from EdkModule
2007-02-05 qhuang81.Drop the support of UEFI_APPLICATION for UefiDriverLib
2007-02-02 vanjeffchanged timer lib reference from BaseTimerLibLocalApic...
2007-02-02 vanjeff1. removed some null directories BaseTimerLibLocalApic...
2007-01-31 klu2remove unused PCD
2007-01-06 tgingoldUnix version of EFI emulator