Modules cleanup.
[mirror_edk2.git] / IntelFrameworkModulePkg / Bus / Isa /
2007-07-12 klu2Move the files of IsaFloppy to upper directory
2007-07-12 klu2Rename IsaFloppy to IsaFloppyDxe
2007-07-11 klu2git-svn-id:
2007-07-10 yshang1Remove CommonHeader.h from IsaBusDxe.
2007-07-10 qwang12Update to BSD license header.
2007-07-10 qwang12Update to BSD license header.
2007-07-10 yshang1Update copyright header of IsaSerialDxe.
2007-07-10 yshang1Update Copyright header of IsaFloppyPei.
2007-07-10 yshang1Update the copyright headers of IsaFloppyDxe.
2007-07-10 yshang1Import IsaSerialDxe in IntelFrameworkModulePkg.
2007-07-10 yshang1Remove the EntryPoint.c from FloppyDxe.
2007-07-10 yshang1Import IsaFloppy Dxe and Pei in IntelFrameworkModulePkg.
2007-07-06 qwang12Add in Ps2keyboard.inf and Ps2Mouse.inf to IntelFramewo...
2007-07-03 AJFISHRemoved IntelframeworkPkg contamination from MdeModuleP...
2007-07-02 yshang1Update License Headers.
2007-07-02 yshang1Add DxeBootScriptLibNull in IntelFrameworkPkg.