Reviewed the code comments in the Include/Protocol directory for typos, grammar issue...
[mirror_edk2.git] / IntelFrameworkModulePkg / Library / OemHookStatusCodeLibNull /
2009-05-07 xli24Refine code for OemHookStatusCodeLibNull.
2009-04-23 gikidy1. EDK_RELEASE_VERSION removed;
2008-08-25 lgao4remove the unused msa files in FatBinPkg, IntelFramewor...
2008-04-10 klu2Add some function/header comments.
2007-11-22 qhuang8Clean up: update "EFI" to "UEFI" if applicable.
2007-08-30 klu2Fix the invalid return code for OemHookStatusCodeLibNul...
2007-07-20 vanjeffremove some comments introduced by tools.
2007-06-29 AJFISHgit-svn-id:
2007-06-29 qhuang8Cleanup to remover CommonHeader.h files
2007-06-29 qhuang8Remove "Edk" Prefix
2007-06-27 qhuang8Complete the library instances in IntelFrameworkModulePkg