Minor code enhancement.
[mirror_edk2.git] / IntelFrameworkPkg / Include / Ppi / Security.h
2009-07-12 mdkinneyAdd "FRAMEWORK_" to remove name collision with Security...
2009-07-11 mdkinneyRemove "Module Name:" from include file headers.
2009-07-10 lgao4Clean the public header files to remove the unnecessary...
2009-07-02 rsun3code clean up for Security.h.
2008-07-31 klu2Remove blank for function typedef, it will break genera...
2008-05-27 qhuang8De-unicode in comment for all source files.
2008-04-08 klu2Add more comments for IntelFramework's header files.
2007-06-28 bxingModified header files to make them compile
2007-06-27 vanjeffadd some framework definitions