Incorporated the bug fix in unicode file parse
[mirror_edk2.git] / IntelFrameworkPkg / Include / Protocol /
2007-06-29 vanjeffadd some definitions about HII
2007-06-28 qhuang8Make public header file #ifndef XXX #define XXX start...
2007-06-28 bxingModified header files to make them compile
2007-06-28 qhuang8Rename GuidedSectionExtraction.h to Crc32GuidedSectonEx...
2007-06-27 qhuang8Add extra inclusion: PciHostBridgeResourceAllocation...
2007-06-27 qwang12Update IntelFrameworkPkg
2007-06-27 vanjeffadd some framework definitions
2007-06-15 bxingInitial directory structure of IntelFrameworkPkg.