Fix FSP GCC error on FspApiCallingCheck().
[mirror_edk2.git] / IntelFspPkg / FspSecCore / Ia32 / FspApiEntry.asm
2015-05-01 Yao, JiewenFix FSP GCC error on FspApiCallingCheck().
2015-04-30 Yao, JiewenClean update API name for ASM function.
2015-04-29 Ma, MauriceAdd dual FSP binaries support.
2015-04-23 Yao, JiewenUpdate IntelFspPkg to support FSP1.1
2015-02-13 Yao, JiewenFix build error.
2015-02-13 Yao, JiewenFix comments error.
2015-02-12 Yao, Jiewenrename XXXDflt to XXXDefault (expand for better readabi...
2015-02-12 Yao, JiewenFsp1.1 update.
2015-02-11 Yao, JiewenUpdate IntelFspPkg according to FSP1.1.
2014-12-06 Yao, JiewenUpdated FspApiEntry.asm/.s to auto detect the size...
2014-07-29 jyao1Add IntelFspPkg to support create FSP bin based on...