Remove duplicate HII Library API prototypes.
[mirror_edk2.git] / MdeModulePkg / Include / Library / HiiLib.h
2009-04-15 rsun3Remove duplicate HII Library API prototypes.
2009-04-14 rsun3HII Library Class interface refine.
2009-04-13 lgao4Merge new defined HII library APIs into HiiLib
2009-04-13 lgao4Update UefiHiiLib to support new defined IFR related...
2009-03-27 qhuang8Apply GetBestLanguage() API in UEFI to display HII...
2009-02-10 lgao4Correct typo in comments, clean IfrSupportLib.h
2008-11-27 qhuang8Add GetCurrentLanguage() to HiiLib in MdeModulePkg
2008-11-13 qhuang8Add FvbServiceLib, HiiLib & IfrSupportLib.h