Update License header.
[mirror_edk2.git] / MdeModulePkg / MdeModulePkg.dsc
2007-07-30 yshang1Update License header.
2007-07-30 vanjeffImport ArpDxe, Dhcp4Dxe, Ip4Dxe, Mtftp4Dxe, PxeBcDxe...
2007-07-27 AJFISHRemoved unneeded $(WORKSPACE)\ in *.DSC files. Also...
2007-07-25 yshang11) Add PcatSingleSegmentPciCfg2Pei in MdeModulePkg.
2007-07-25 vanjeffFixed EBC build issues.
2007-07-25 yshang1Remove unused section in .INF, .DEC, .DSC of MdePkg...
2007-07-24 yshang1Retire the "Include/Common" of MdeModulePkg.
2007-07-24 vanjeff1. remove un-necessary instances reference
2007-07-24 vanjeffImport SnpDxe, Tcp4Dxe, Udp4Dxe and MnpDxe.
2007-07-23 vanjeff1. Import NetLib, IpIoLib and UdpIoLib class definitions
2007-07-20 yshang1Remove Ppi/LoadFile.h and Ppi/FindFv.h from MdeModulePkg.
2007-07-20 qwang12add in PcdSupportUpdateCapsuleRest
2007-07-20 qhuang8Fix the typo in last check in
2007-07-20 qhuang8Remove RTC package dependency on IntelFrameworkPkg
2007-07-19 yshang1Move RealTimeClockRuntimeDxe to PcatRealTimeClockRuntim...
2007-07-19 yshang1Move VariablePei/VariableDxe/EmuVarible to /Variable...
2007-07-19 yshang1Rename the SecurityStub.inf to SecurityStubDxe.inf.
2007-07-19 yshang1Move RuntimeDxe to /Core of MdeModulePkg.
2007-07-19 yshang1Rename the MemoryTest Pei and Dxe.
2007-07-19 klu2Move PcatCompatible/RealTimeClockRuntimeDxe module...
2007-07-18 qhuang8Adjust directory structures.
2007-07-17 vanjeffUpdated modules reference for different Arch.
2007-07-17 klu2Add RuntimeDxe as postfix for EmuVariable driver
2007-07-17 klu2Add RuntimeDxe as postfix for Variable driver
2007-07-17 klu2Add DxAdd Dxe as postfix for devicepath driver
2007-07-17 klu2Add DxAdd Dxe as postfix for Terminal driver
2007-07-16 klu2Add Pei postfix to variable peim driver
2007-07-16 klu2Add Dxe as postfix to Scsi related driver.
2007-07-16 vanjeffModules cleanup.
2007-07-12 vanjeff1. Import UsbKbDxe and UsbMouseDxe into MdeModulePkg
2007-07-11 klu2Build drivers for IPF, X64, IA32 arch
2007-07-11 vanjeffUpdate DSC file.
2007-07-09 AJFISHUpdated modules to not depend on the IntelFrameworkPkg.
2007-07-09 qhuang8Remove invalid PeimEntryPointLib
2007-07-09 klu2Use () but not {} in dsc file.
2007-07-06 klu2Use gEfiMdeModulePkgTokenSpaceGuid instead of gEfiEdkMo...
2007-07-06 qwang12Add in gEfiExtendedSalVariableServicesProtocolGuid
2007-07-06 qhuang8Add MonAdd MonotonicCounter driver to platform build...
2007-07-06 klu21) PcdFlashNvStorageFtwWorkingSize, PcdFlashNvStorageFt...
2007-07-06 jwang36Enabled PCD DXE/PEI module build.
2007-07-06 klu21) PcdDxeIplSupportCustomDecompress, PcdDxeIplSupportTi...
2007-07-05 AJFISHFixed build issues by updating DSC file
2007-07-05 klu2Fix the build issue for MdeModulePkg.
2007-07-05 xgu3Check in following modules,
2007-07-04 yshang1Update MdeModulePkg.dsc to build DxeCore.
2007-07-04 klu2Add PeiCore module for enabling NT32Pkg, please attenti...
2007-07-03 AJFISHRemoved IntelframeworkPkg contamination from MdeModuleP...
2007-07-03 qhuang8Add DebugPort & DebugSupport drivers
2007-07-03 jwang36Enabled PCD DXE/PEI modules build in MdeModulePkg
2007-07-03 vanjeffImport DxeCorePerformanceLib DxePerformanceLib PeiPerfo...
2007-07-03 lgao4Correct DSC to specify the new AtapiPassThru directory.
2007-07-02 vanjeffAdd IPF, X64 and EBC build for HelloWorld module.
2007-07-02 vanjeff1. Remove IntelFrameworkPkg.dec package dependency...
2007-07-02 yshang1Update MdeModulePkg.dsc
2007-06-29 qhuang8Add Crc32SectionExtract Module
2007-06-29 qhuang8Remove all blanks lines to avoid build errors.
2007-06-29 klu2Add ScsiDiskDxe driver for Nt32Pkg
2007-06-29 klu2Porting ScsiBus module for Nt32Pkg.
2007-06-28 vanjeffremove CommonHeader.h form English module
2007-06-28 qhuang8comment out CrcGuidedSectionExtract for the lack of...
2007-06-28 qhuang8Fix a typo
2007-06-28 qhuang8Fix several typos to make PeiVariable pass build.
2007-06-28 vanjeffadd ia32 and x64 direcotry for EdkFvbServiceLib
2007-06-28 vanjeffadd English.inf, EdkFvbServiceLib.inf and Variable.inf
2007-06-28 klu2Enable VariablePei into DSC file.
2007-06-28 klu2Add variablePei module into MdeModulePkg.
2007-06-28 klu21) Add MdeModulePkg\Universal\WatchDogTimerDxe driver...
2007-06-27 qhuang8Add EBC, FTW, Crc32SectionExtract, NullMemoryTest modules.
2007-06-27 qhuang8Add AtapiPassThru & CapsuleRuntime module to MdeModulePkg
2007-06-26 jwang36Used "|" as value separator.
2007-06-26 AJFISHpdated code per coding standard. Changed comments,...
2007-06-25 vanjeffadd modules DiskIo, Partition and SecurityStub.
2007-06-22 yshang1Add PcdComponentName2Disable and PcdDriverDiagnostics2D...
2007-06-22 vanjeffImport MdeModulePkg, only one module HelloWorld by...