ArmPkg: only attempt buildin MmCommunicationDxe for AArch64
[mirror_edk2.git] / MdeModulePkg / Universal / DebugSupportDxe / Ia32 /
2019-04-09 Michael D KinneyMdeModulePkg: Replace BSD License with BSD+Patent License
2018-06-28 Liming GaoMdeModulePkg: Clean up source files
2018-06-07 Liming GaoMdeModulePkg: Remove X86 ASM and S files
2016-06-28 Jordan JustenMdeModulePkg DebugSupportDxe: Convert Ia32/AsmFuncs...
2012-11-01 erictianMdeModulePkg: eliminate all implicit library dependenci...
2011-05-17 rsun3A complement fix for revision 11664 to update GCC assem...
2011-05-16 rsun3Clear the direction flag in interrupt/exception handler...
2010-04-24 hhtianUpdate the copyright notice format
2010-01-19 rsun3Improve coding style in MdeModulePkg.
2009-05-20 xli24Replace .globl with ASM_GLOBAL
2009-04-10 jljustenFix various 'EFIAPI' inconsistencies found while buildi...
2009-03-04 vanjeffretired PcdNtEmulatorEnable.
2008-12-30 gikidyCheck comments, format and fix some typo.
2008-12-30 vanjeff1. Use Mde library for Debug Port Module
2008-12-16 vanjeffcode scrub:
2008-12-15 vanjeffPort AsmFuncs.s to pass CYGWINGCC build for x64.
2008-12-11 vanjeffcode scrub for DebugSpport Module.
2008-12-11 vanjeff1. Merger generic functions into one file.
2008-11-05 vanjeffECC clean up.
2008-11-04 vanjefffilename renaming to meet coding style.
2008-11-04 vanjeffRenamed remotely
2008-11-04 vanjeffRenamed remotely
2008-10-30 jji4Patch to remove STATIC modifier. This is on longer...
2008-09-04 vanjeffclean up the un-suitable ';' location when declaring...
2008-08-30 lgao4The driver and library in MdePkg, MdeModulePkg and...
2008-07-16 qhuang8Fix a porting issue.
2008-04-11 vanjeff1. add public functions header.
2007-07-20 vanjeffremove some comments introduced by tools.
2007-07-03 qhuang8Add DebugPort & DebugSupport drivers