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2021-12-07 Michael KubackiMdeModulePkg: Apply uncrustify changes
2019-04-09 Michael D KinneyMdeModulePkg: Replace BSD License with BSD+Patent License
2018-09-06 Chen A ChenMdeModulePkg: Removing ipf which is no longer supported...
2018-06-28 Liming GaoMdeModulePkg: Clean up source files
2015-12-15 Jordan JustenMdeModulePkg: Convert all .uni files to utf-8
2014-09-03 Gao, LimingMdeModulePkg: Convert non DOS format files to DOS forma...
2014-08-28 Zeng, StarMdeModulePkg: INF/DEC file updates to EDK II packages
2014-08-28 Zeng, StarMdeModulePkg: INF/DEC file updates to EDK II packages
2011-06-08 lzeng14String Reference Cleanup.
2011-03-14 ydong10Enhance inf and dec file to follow specs.
2010-04-24 hhtianUpdate the copyright notice format
2010-02-24 lgao41. Correct File header to ## @file
2009-04-30 gikidyReplace references to RFC 3066 with RFC 4646.
2009-01-21 gikidyMeta-data reviewed and verified.
2009-01-20 gikidyMeta-data review.
2009-01-20 gikidyMeta-data review.
2008-12-23 qhuang8Code scrub DxeIpl, Runtime, DevicePath, FvbServicesLib...
2008-12-03 gikidyRemove some useless EDK_RELEASE_VERSION, EFI_SPECIFICAT...
2008-08-25 lgao4remove the unused msa files in MdeModulePkg.
2008-07-18 qhuang8Code scrub for DiskIo, Partition & Unicode Collation
2008-05-14 qhuang8Minor coding style adjustment for DiskIo, Partition...
2008-05-08 qhuang8Add doxygen style comments for functions in English...
2008-04-08 qhuang8Update all files to follow doxygen style file header.
2007-10-09 qhuang8Update English Module to selectively install Unicode...
2007-07-20 vanjeffremove some comments introduced by tools.
2007-07-20 vanjeffremove some comments introduced by tools.
2007-07-16 vanjeffremove duplicated modules
2007-07-16 vanjeffModules cleanup.
2007-06-29 AJFISHgit-svn-id:
2007-06-29 AJFISHremoved [includes] section from MdePkg and MdeModulePkg...
2007-06-28 vanjeffremove CommonHeader.h form English module
2007-06-28 vanjeffadd English.inf, EdkFvbServiceLib.inf and Variable.inf