BaseTools:Change the path of the file that Binary Cache
[mirror_edk2.git] / MdeModulePkg / Universal / Network / MnpDxe / MnpMain.c
2019-04-09 Michael D KinneyMdeModulePkg: Replace BSD License with BSD+Patent License
2016-01-08 Fu SiyuanMdeModulePkg: Update MNP driver to recycle TX buffer...
2010-04-24 hhtianUpdate the copyright notice format
2010-02-03 xdu2For network dynamic media support:
2009-12-30 xdu2Add VLAN support.
2009-10-22 tye1. Fix timer unit bug in MNP: default rx/tx timeout...
2009-07-11 mdkinneyRetire NetLibQueueDpc() and NetLibDispatchDpc() and...
2009-07-10 vanjeff1. remove duplicated NetLibDispatchDpc() calling in...
2009-02-03 ywu21fix some checklist issues
2009-01-16 jgong5Fixed OPTIONAL/comma issue
2009-01-16 jgong5code scrub fix
2009-01-08 niryChange the file headers and some function comments.
2008-11-18 niryfix code style issue and add function header
2008-02-14 vanjeffUse Mde library and definition instead of some native...
2007-11-20 vanjeff1. Add DPC protocol and DpcLib library in MdeModulePkg.
2007-08-23 vanjeff1. Enable Network stack to pass SCT, currently MNP...
2007-07-25 vanjeffFixed EBC build issues.
2007-07-24 vanjeffImport SnpDxe, Tcp4Dxe, Udp4Dxe and MnpDxe.