remove member context from _EFI_MTFTP4_TOKEN structure.
[mirror_edk2.git] / MdeModulePkg / Universal / Network / Mtftp4Dxe / Mtftp4Impl.c
2007-11-20 vanjeffremove member context from _EFI_MTFTP4_TOKEN structure.
2007-11-20 vanjeff1. Add DPC protocol and DpcLib library in MdeModulePkg.
2007-10-09 yshang1Clean up Network Components to support GCC build.
2007-08-27 qwang12Make MdeModulePkg GCC clean.
2007-08-07 vanjeff1. Enable Mtftp4Dxe in MdeModulePkg.dsc
2007-07-30 vanjeffImport ArpDxe, Dhcp4Dxe, Ip4Dxe, Mtftp4Dxe, PxeBcDxe...