remove some comments introduced by tools.
[mirror_edk2.git] / MdeModulePkg / Universal / PCD /
2007-07-20 vanjeffremove some comments introduced by tools.
2007-07-17 vanjeff1. Fixed tools_def.template to meet ICC build for IA32
2007-07-16 vanjeffModules cleanup.
2007-07-10 AJFISHRemoved CommonHeader.h from MdePkg & MdeModulePkg
2007-07-10 klu2Enable dynamic PCD for windowBusDriver
2007-07-09 AJFISHUpdated modules to not depend on the IntelFrameworkPkg.
2007-07-06 klu2Use gEfiMdeModulePkgTokenSpaceGuid instead of gEfiEdkMo...
2007-07-06 jwang36Changed gEfiEdkModulePkgTokenSpaceGuid to gEfiMdeModule...
2007-07-03 jwang36Enabled PCD DXE/PEI modules build in MdeModulePkg
2007-07-03 vanjeffImport PCD dxe and PCD pei modules.