MdePkg/ProcessorBind: add defines for page allocation granularity
[mirror_edk2.git] / MdePkg / Include / AArch64 /
2017-03-06 Ard BiesheuvelMdePkg/ProcessorBind: add defines for page allocation...
2016-10-08 Thomas HuthMdePkg: Fix some typing errors in the header files
2014-10-31 Olivier MartinMdePkg/ProcessorBind.h: Add ARM and AArch64 GCC macros...
2014-09-01 Jordan JustenMdePkg Base.h: Always define ASM_PFX
2013-08-29 Olivier MartinMdePkg/AArch64: Fixed some definitions in ProcessorBind.h
2013-07-29 Harry LiebelMdePkg: Added ARM Aarch64 architecture support