Made some changes to use GCC to pre-process and assembly .S file
[mirror_edk2.git] / MdePkg / Include /
2006-07-07 lgao4Redefine SPEC and Release Version to 0x20000
2006-07-06 qwang12Add in support for MaxSize and CurrentSize for PCD...
2006-07-06 lgao4git-svn-id:
2006-07-05 qhuang8 DebugLib:
2006-07-04 qwang12Added LibPatchPcdSetPtr.
2006-07-03 qwang12Add PcdDxe and PcdPEIM to all-arch for EdkModulePkg...
2006-06-30 vanjeff1.Updated some functions header of BaseLib with new...
2006-06-29 lgao4Sync DebugSupport Protocol with UEFI2.0 spec
2006-06-26 qhuang8• BaseMemoryLib:
2006-06-23 qwang121) Add in support to traverse taken space
2006-06-23 klu2Enabling use PcdSetXX macro to set value for PATCHABLE_...
2006-06-23 qwang12Remove the dead files.
2006-06-23 qwang12Remove the dead files.
2006-06-23 qwang121) remove some dead code from WinNtBusDriver.c
2006-06-22 klu2In before, FixedPcdGetxx macro was defined as global...
2006-06-22 lgao4Fix buger in DxeMain module and modify uefispec.h codin...
2006-06-22 qhuang81. UINTN & INTN issue for EBC architecture:
2006-06-20 klu2Modify autogen code for DynamicEx type PCD.
2006-06-20 vanjeff1. Fixed bug for WriteUnaligned24() in Unaligned.c...
2006-06-19 qhuang8 1. PostCodeLib.
2006-06-17 klu2Change the macro for dynamicEx type PCD and modify...
2006-06-14 bbahnsenThis was only used by GenFvImage tool, so it can be...
2006-06-13 qhuang8 BaseMemoryLib (BaseMemoryLibRepStr):
2006-06-10 qwang121) Sync PcdPpi guid with PCD arch spec.
2006-06-10 bxing1. Added AsmCpuidEx() to BaseLib
2006-06-10 bxing1. Updated SetJump() and LongJump() for IPF
2006-06-08 qhuang8 1. Rename PeiCoreLib to PeiServicesLib and rename...
2006-06-07 qhuang8BaseMemoryLib:
2006-06-07 qwang12Sync Pcd Service Driver, PEIM and library with MDE...
2006-06-06 alfredgit-svn-id:
2006-06-04 qhuang8UefiLib:
2006-05-31 vanjeffadd function header
2006-05-26 bbahnsenFix gcc build breaks.
2006-05-26 qwang12Sync up Pcd Library Instances and PCD Driver/PEIM with...
2006-05-25 qhuang8MemoryAllocationLib: For boundary case: “AllocationSize...
2006-05-24 qwang121) Fix bug reported on the PcdSetEx* Macro.
2006-05-19 bbahnsenFix capitalization issues
2006-05-19 lgao4git-svn-id:
2006-05-19 vanjeffFinish bug at line 324:
2006-05-17 bxingUpdated function headers for CacheMaintenanceLib
2006-05-15 bxingUpdated BaseLib for THUNK functions and some CPU functions
2006-05-14 lgao4git-svn-id:
2006-05-12 mdkinneyMake variable names for protocol GUIDs consistent
2006-05-12 mdkinneyAdd EfiGlobalVariable GUID to PEIM.h so PEIMs can read...
2006-05-11 qhuang8*BaseSmbusLib: (new version)
2006-04-27 vanjeffAdded CONST for some sting type to follow MWG-0.51...
2006-04-25 qhuang8PeiSmbusLib & DxeSmbusLib
2006-04-21 bbahnsenInitial import.