MdePkg/BaseLib: Support IA32 processors without CLFLUSH
[mirror_edk2.git] / MdePkg / Library / BaseLib / Ia32 / FlushCacheLine.asm
2015-04-27 Michael KinneyMdePkg/BaseLib: Support IA32 processors without CLFLUSH
2010-06-11 myronporterMinor grammatical work--mostly adding periods. Sending...
2010-04-23 hhtianUpdate the copyright notice format
2007-06-22 vanjeffImport some basic libraries instances for Mde Packages.
2007-06-01 lhauchMoved the MdePkg to OldMdePkg so that new code in MdePk...
2006-07-21 bxing1. Updated function headers in all assembly files.
2006-06-16 bxingUpdated CpuFlushCacheLine() to return the address flushed.
2006-04-24 bbahnsenRename dirs