Remove the unused reference of CommonHeader.h in DxeIpl.inf
[mirror_edk2.git] / MdePkg /
2007-07-25 yshang1Remove unused section in .INF, .DEC, .DSC of MdePkg...
2007-07-24 yshang1Update the definition of PEI_SERVICES_REVISION.
2007-07-24 zliu3Added the Lib Construction function for IPF lib instance
2007-07-24 yshang1Add IPF_HANDOFF_STATUS definition in Ppi/SecPlatformInf...
2007-07-24 jwang36Added "#define ASM_PFX(name) _##name" for GNU assembly...
2007-07-24 qhuang8Update Guid Value to avoid collision with old one
2007-07-23 yshang1Import BaseMemoryLibMmx.
2007-07-20 yshang1Clean up the MdePkg.dec.
2007-07-20 vanjeffremove some comments introduced by tools.
2007-07-20 vanjefffixed to pass IPF build
2007-07-20 vanjeffremove some comments introduced by tools.
2007-07-20 qwang12Remove the CONST for FvbWrite as spec does not have it.
2007-07-20 qwang12Update the CONST modifier to be the same with spec.
2007-07-19 yshang1Remove unused comments in MdePkg.
2007-07-19 yshang1Update the comments of Acpi.h.
2007-07-19 yshang1Update the industryStandard in MdePkg:
2007-07-19 yshang1Fix bugs in MdePkg for GCC build.
2007-07-19 qwang12add in PeiServicesTablePointerLibMm7.inf
2007-07-19 qwang12add in PeiServicesTablePointerLibMm7.inf
2007-07-18 klu2Rollback the change of EFI_FVB_ATTRIBUTE, because not...
2007-07-18 klu2Remove _MSC_VER for this file is just built by MSFT...
2007-07-18 AJFISHremoved comments (and fix) compiler specific compile...
2007-07-18 klu21) Add _MSC_VER judgment for usage of #pragma intrinsic
2007-07-18 jwang36Added tool chain family modifier for source files used...
2007-07-18 klu2Add GraphicLib library class definition in MdePkg.dec
2007-07-18 vanjeffMove those definitions defined in UEFI Spec from Indust...
2007-07-18 vanjeffadd UefiUsbLibInternal.h in .inf
2007-07-18 klu2Use () instead of {}, replace \ to / for path.
2007-07-17 vanjeffMove some definitions defined in USB spec and HID Spec...
2007-07-17 yshang1Clean up comments in PeiServicesTablePointerLibIdt
2007-07-17 yshang1To support GCC build. Currently, it could not pass...
2007-07-17 qwang12Remove EFI_ACPI_2_0_OEM_ID etc. in Acpi2_0.h.
2007-07-17 qwang12Check in definition for various ACPI tables and the...
2007-07-17 yshang1Fix typo in FirmwareVolumeBlock.h
2007-07-17 yshang1Rename PeiSmbusLibSmbus2 as PeiSmbusLibSmbus2Ppi.
2007-07-17 klu2Comment unallowed item
2007-07-13 AJFISHConvert NT32 to use PCD settings for UEFI Timeout and...
2007-07-13 xli24Add necessary macro definitions in PalCallLib.h of...
2007-07-13 AJFISHAdd Internal.h to UefiUsbLib
2007-07-13 AJFISHFixed comments to follow coding standard.
2007-07-13 qwang12Add in Atapi.h
2007-07-12 AJFISHRemoved MdePkg usage of ModuleName: in file headers
2007-07-12 vanjeff1. Import UsbKbDxe and UsbMouseDxe into MdeModulePkg
2007-07-11 vanjeffAdd some USB related definitions defined n Uefi 2.1...
2007-07-10 AJFISHRemoved CommonHeader.h from MdePkg & MdeModulePkg
2007-07-10 yshang1Import IsaFloppy Dxe and Pei in IntelFrameworkModulePkg.
2007-07-10 vanjeffUpdate Usb.h definitions.
2007-07-09 AJFISHUpdated modules to not depend on the IntelFrameworkPkg.
2007-07-09 yshang1Add enumeration EfiResetUpdate of EFI_RESET_TYPE, which...
2007-07-09 qwang12Remove some unnessary CONST modifier.
2007-07-09 qhuang8Rename the GuidCName to sync with dec file.
2007-07-06 AJFISHUpdated comments for IntelCompiler specific warnings
2007-07-06 qwang12Enable Intel IPF compilation for MdePkg.
2007-07-06 qwang12add in proper include for this file.
2007-07-06 qwang12Diable 1418 and 1419 with pragma.
2007-07-06 xli24Check in library class of SalLib.
2007-07-06 yshang1Remove the Pal.h from directory "IndustryStandard ...
2007-07-06 yshang1Update PalCallLib.h
2007-07-06 yshang1Checked in PalCallLib.h. The patch does not remove...
2007-07-06 yshang1Update the C name of CPU I/O PPI.
2007-07-06 qhuang8Add missing gEfiPeiCpuIoPpiInServiceTableGuid & gEfiEn...
2007-07-06 lgao4Add pack(1) for section header structure.
2007-07-05 AJFISHAdded EFI_EVENT_ alais for EVT_ #defines to match our...
2007-07-05 AJFISHGraphicsLib depends on GraphicsOutput protocol definiti...
2007-07-05 klu2Enable Nt32 platform boot to DXE phase.
2007-07-05 vanjeffadd HiiLib.inf
2007-07-05 vanjeffAdd inf files for PeiSmbusLibSmbus2, PeiDxePostCodeLibR...
2007-07-05 vanjeffRename EFI_PEI_PCI_CFG_PPI_IO to EFI_PEI_PCI_CFG2_PPI_I...
2007-07-04 yshang1Update modifier of FVB protocol.
2007-07-04 yshang1Fixed typo of DXE_SERVICES_VERSION.
2007-07-04 zliu3Add the IPF boot mode into ProcessorBind.h, and these...
2007-07-04 qwang12PI defines EFI_FVH_REVISION to 2
2007-07-04 qwang12Rename to gEfiFirmwareFileSystem2Guid.
2007-07-04 qwang12Rename to gEfiFirmwareFileSystem2Guid.
2007-07-04 yshang1Add EFI_NOT_AVAILABLE_YET in MdePkg and change the...
2007-07-04 yshang1Clean up the tolerant definitions of FV_FILETYPEs.
2007-07-04 yshang1Add macro SECTION_SIZE(SectionHeader) in MdePkg.
2007-07-04 klu2Add PeiCore module for enabling NT32Pkg, please attenti...
2007-07-03 AJFISHDeleted unneeded file
2007-07-03 AJFISHRemoved IntelframeworkPkg contamination from MdeModuleP...
2007-07-03 qwang12add in GraphicsLib.h
2007-07-03 lgao4Add BaseCustomDecompressLibNull, DxeDebugLibSerialPort...
2007-07-03 klu2Porting SecMain module for Nt32Pkg, but not enable...
2007-07-03 yshang1Update the EFI_FV_FILETYPE definitions.
2007-07-03 vanjeffUpdate EFI_CAPSULE_HEADER definition.
2007-07-03 yshang1Update EFI_CAPSULE_HEADER definition.
2007-07-03 yshang1Update EFI_CAPSULE_HEADER definition.
2007-07-03 yshang1Update the EFI_CAPSULE_HEADER definition.
2007-07-03 yshang1Update EFI_PEI_LOAD_FILE_PPI_GUID in MdePkg.
2007-07-02 yshang1Add building DxeMemoryLib.
2007-07-02 yshang1Support DxeMemoryLib building.
2007-07-02 vanjeffadd internal command header reference
2007-07-02 jwang36Applied tool chain family constraints for file Synchron...
2007-07-02 vanjeff1. Port X64, IPF and EBC arch for BaseLib
2007-07-02 yshang1Update the C name of gEfiPeiMemoryDiscoveredPpiGuid.
2007-07-02 qwang12add a error macro to prevent this file from included...
2007-07-02 yshang1Add BaseMemoryTestDxe in MdeModulePkg.dsc
2007-06-29 AJFISHRemoved CommonHeader.h generated file from the MdePkg.
2007-06-29 AJFISHPorted SerialPortLib to support base type.
2007-06-29 AJFISHPorted SerialPortLib to support base type.