Fixed GCC ld issue
[mirror_edk2.git] / MdePkg /
2006-07-08 vanjeffIn AsciiStrncmp(), if length=0, should return 0
2006-07-07 lgao4Redefine SPEC and Release Version to 0x20000
2006-07-07 jwang36Obsoleted by new schema and new build tools.
2006-07-07 klu2Fix all <TokenSpaceGuidCName> in all SPD file.
2006-07-06 qhuang8 PciLib:
2006-07-06 jwang36Fixed the GCC assembler issue. Now we can use full...
2006-07-06 bxing1. Simplified PalCallStatic.s's by removing unnecessary...
2006-07-06 qwang12Add in support for MaxSize and CurrentSize for PCD...
2006-07-06 vanjeff1. Sync LinkedList.c with MWG
2006-07-06 lhauchRemoved Optional Ffs Sections as it was not being used...
2006-07-06 lgao4git-svn-id:
2006-07-05 lgao4Correct module guid in mbd file
2006-07-05 jwang36fixed GCC build issues
2006-07-05 qhuang8 DebugLib:
2006-07-05 qhuang8 DebugLib:
2006-07-05 jwang36supplemented "/FI" to some ignored PP options in fpd...
2006-07-04 jwang36Added "/FI", "-include" and/or "/nologo" options to...
2006-07-04 qwang12Added LibPatchPcdSetPtr.
2006-07-04 jwang36git-svn-id:
2006-07-03 qwang12Add PcdDxe and PcdPEIM to all-arch for EdkModulePkg...
2006-07-02 klu2Modify MSA file for correcting <TokenSpaceGuidCName>
2006-07-01 klu21, Add Guid declaration into EdkModulePkg.spd, EdkNt32P...
2006-06-30 qouyangfor new tools
2006-06-30 jwang36removed unnecessary name space declarations in some...
2006-06-30 jwang36converted all surface area description files to new...
2006-06-30 jwang36changed module's duplicated guid value
2006-06-30 vanjeff1.Updated some functions header of BaseLib with new...
2006-06-29 lgao4Sync DebugSupport Protocol with UEFI2.0 spec
2006-06-28 qhuang81.BaseMemoryLibMmx: Add X64 Cpu Arch support.
2006-06-28 vanjeffChange VOID into VOID * in function header
2006-06-28 vanjeff1. Fixed bug in FlushCacheLine.asm, added return value
2006-06-26 qwang121) correct the assert condition for LibPcdSetPtr and...
2006-06-26 qhuang8• BaseMemoryLib:
2006-06-26 qhuang8• BaseMemoryLib:
2006-06-26 qhuang8• BaseMemoryLib:
2006-06-26 klu2Roll back modification for autogen of assemble code...
2006-06-23 qwang121) Add in support to traverse taken space
2006-06-23 klu2Enabling use PcdSetXX macro to set value for PATCHABLE_...
2006-06-23 qwang12Remove the dead files.
2006-06-23 qwang12Remove the dead files.
2006-06-23 qwang121) remove some dead code from WinNtBusDriver.c
2006-06-22 klu2In before, FixedPcdGetxx macro was defined as global...
2006-06-22 lgao4Fix buger in DxeMain module and modify uefispec.h codin...
2006-06-22 qhuang81. UINTN & INTN issue for EBC architecture:
2006-06-21 klu2Modify PCD declaration according to new schema.
2006-06-20 bbahnsenRemove
2006-06-20 bbahnsenUse capital S for GCC assembly. This enables pre-proces...
2006-06-20 klu2Modify autogen code for DynamicEx type PCD.
2006-06-20 vanjeff1. Fixed bug for WriteUnaligned24() in Unaligned.c...
2006-06-19 qhuang8 1. PostCodeLib.
2006-06-19 qhuang8 1. PostCodeLib.
2006-06-17 klu2Change the macro for dynamicEx type PCD and modify...
2006-06-16 lgao4Rool Back this modification to enable gcc Build.
2006-06-16 bxingUpdated CpuFlushCacheLine() to return the address flushed.
2006-06-15 bxingThunk16.asm's can use constants defined in BaseLib...
2006-06-15 yshang1git-svn-id:
2006-06-14 bbahnsenFix an assembler warning.
2006-06-14 bbahnsenThis was only used by GenFvImage tool, so it can be...
2006-06-14 klu2Add <TokenSpaceGuid> for all PCD entry in FPD file
2006-06-13 bbahnsenPrepend underscores to procedure identifiers.
2006-06-13 bbahnsenSync SetMem64 with MASM version.
2006-06-13 qhuang8 BaseMemoryLib (BaseMemoryLibRepStr):
2006-06-12 bbahnsenFixes for gcc assembly.
2006-06-12 klu2Transfer old <PCDs> in MSA to <PcdCoded>:
2006-06-12 klu2Modify PCD tool according to final PCD schema modification.
2006-06-10 lhauchRemoved create/modified/update data, PacakgeType from...
2006-06-10 qwang121) Sync PcdPpi guid with PCD arch spec.
2006-06-10 bxing1. Updated PalCallStatic.s in BaseCacheMaintenanceLib
2006-06-10 bxingFixed mistyping in Ia32/LongJump.asm and X64/LongJump.asm
2006-06-10 bxing1. Added AsmCpuidEx() to BaseLib
2006-06-10 bxing1. Updated SetJump() and LongJump() for IPF
2006-06-08 qhuang8 1. Rename PeiCoreLib to PeiServicesLib and rename...
2006-06-08 qhuang8 1. Rename PeiCoreLib to PeiServicesLib and rename...
2006-06-07 qhuang8BaseMemoryLib:
2006-06-07 qwang12Sync Pcd Service Driver, PEIM and library with MDE...
2006-06-06 alfredgit-svn-id:
2006-06-04 qhuang8UefiLib:
2006-06-04 klu2PCD tools update:
2006-06-04 lhauchUpdated the FPD and SPD files to newer schema formats...
2006-06-03 mdkinney1) Add support for %p to print pointers
2006-06-02 vanjeffsync with MdePkg.fpd to add PcdPciExpressBaseAddress
2006-06-02 vanjeffDeleted x64\SwitchStack.c Ipf/SwitchStack.c.
2006-06-02 vanjeffRemoved file/folder
2006-06-02 vanjeffRemoved file/folder
2006-06-02 vanjeffRemoved file/folder
2006-06-02 qwang12Make sure the PCD dxe service driver can handle the...
2006-06-01 klu2Add <FrameworkModules> in EdkModulePkg-All-Archs.fpd...
2006-06-01 klu2Modify fpd file according to transition schema. Before...
2006-06-01 vanjeffAdded function declaration
2006-05-31 vanjeffCreated as one wrapper
2006-05-31 vanjeffCreated as one wrapper for SwitchStack.c to add assert()
2006-05-31 vanjeffadd function header
2006-05-31 vanjeffChanged SwitchStack() to _SwitchStack()
2006-05-31 vanjeffChanged LongJump() to _LongJump()
2006-05-31 vanjeffCreated as wrapper for SwitchStack() to add assert()
2006-05-31 vanjeffChanged SwitchStack() to _SwitchStack()
2006-05-31 vanjeffChanged LongJump() to _LongJump()
2006-05-31 vanjeffchange LongJump() to _LongJump()
2006-05-31 vanjeffMove SetJumpLongJump.c and SwitchStack,c into ebc sub...
2006-05-31 vanjeffFixed one bug of WriteUnaligned24()