NetworkPkg/HttpDxe: HTTPS support over IPv4 and IPv6
[mirror_edk2.git] / NetworkPkg / HttpDxe / HttpProto.h
2016-12-22 Jiaxin WuNetworkPkg/HttpDxe: HTTPS support over IPv4 and IPv6
2016-06-13 Jiaxin WuNetworkPkg: HttpDxe response/cancel issue fix
2016-05-16 Nagaraj HegdeNetworkPkg:HttpDxe: Code changes to support HTTP PUT...
2016-04-28 Jiaxin WuNetworkPkg: Avoid the indefinite wait case in HttpDxe
2016-03-10 Ghazi BelaamNetworkPkg: Use the New Functions from HttpLib
2016-02-03 Zhang LuboNetworkPkg:Add a new error status code EFI_HTTP_ERROR
2015-11-13 Zhang LuboNetworkPkg: Httpboot will fail the 2nd time result...
2015-11-09 Zhang LuboNetworkPkg:Enable Http Boot over Ipv6 stack
2015-09-14 Fu SiyuanNetworkPkg: Avoid memory allocation for each HTTP messa...
2015-07-07 Ye TingNetworkPkg: Add HTTP Driver