Update for NetworkPkg.
[mirror_edk2.git] / NetworkPkg / Ip6Dxe / Ip6ConfigNv.c
2011-12-15 ydong10Update for NetworkPkg.
2011-10-28 tye1Clean NV flag in ‘Save Changes’ in IP6 menu.
2011-09-18 lgao4Clean up the private GUID definition in module Level.
2011-09-16 ydong10Update the Ip6Dxe and IScsiDxe to keep the old behavior...
2011-08-24 tye1Update to NOT to use EFI_BROWSER_ACTION_FORM_OPEN in...
2011-05-20 ydong10Refine all R9 call back function to return EFI_UNSUPPOR...
2010-12-09 ydong10update the comments.
2010-12-09 ydong10Co-work with patch V11137 to refine the Hii menu.
2010-11-01 hhtianAdd NetworkPkg (P.UDK2010.UP3.Network.P1)