Porting SecMain module for Nt32Pkg, but not enable PI, so it currently dependent...
[mirror_edk2.git] / Nt32Pkg / Nt32Pkg.dec
2007-07-03 klu2Porting SecMain module for Nt32Pkg, but not enable...
2007-07-02 vanjeff1. Add FrameworkFormBrowser.h
2007-06-28 AJFISHUpdated *.dec files and .h files to support correct...
2007-06-28 jwang361. Added depex file generation
2007-06-27 klu2Add WinNtBusDriverDxe into Nt32Pkg.
2007-06-27 klu21) Add include path into MdeModulePkg.dec
2007-06-27 klu21) Porting the original WinNtStuff Peim to new Nt32Pkg
2007-06-26 klu2Success to build first Nt32 module.
2007-06-26 klu2Initialize the dsc and dec file for Nt32Pkg