Remove the EDK prefix from library instance folder's name
[mirror_edk2.git] / Nt32Pkg / Nt32Pkg.fdf
2007-07-07 qhuang8Add FatBinary to Nt32Pkg.fdf
2007-07-06 klu2Adjust all driver dispatch order in fdf files.
2007-07-06 lgao4Use EdkFatBinPkg binary fat module in Nt32Pkg.fdf,...
2007-07-06 klu2Add ConsoleSplitter into Nt32fpd.fdf file.
2007-07-06 qhuang8Add PciBus module to Nt32Platform.
2007-07-06 klu2Correct the dxs section for PlatformBdsDxe for Nt32Pkg
2007-07-06 qhuang8Add MonotonicCounter driver
2007-07-06 klu2Use Hob to get the variable base address in NV storage...
2007-07-06 klu21) PcdFlashNvStorageFtwWorkingSize, PcdFlashNvStorageFt...
2007-07-05 klu2Porting WinNtFwhPei and WinNtFlashMapPei to produce...
2007-07-05 klu2Enable Nt32 platform boot to DXE phase.
2007-07-05 klu2Add PeiCore
2007-07-03 lgao4Add comments for FDF file.
2007-07-03 lgao4Add Nt32 fdf file.