Add generic HPET Timer DXE Driver and support libraries
[mirror_edk2.git] / PcAtChipsetPkg / PcatRealTimeClockRuntimeDxe /
2010-11-12 erictianfix GCC build failure. make function definition same...
2010-11-10 erictianfix build error
2010-11-10 erictianstore Year/Month/Day to variable in SetWakeupTime(...
2010-09-17 ydong10RefRefine soma code to make code run safely.
2010-04-24 hhtianUpdate the copyright notice format
2010-04-12 klu2Refine the file/function comments to follow doxygen...
2010-02-28 lgao4Correct copyright to 2010.
2010-02-23 lgao41. Correct File header to ## @file
2009-07-27 gikidyFor pass all compilers.
2009-07-27 gikidyAdd Nanosecond initialize when CMOS clear for ConvertRt...
2009-07-15 rsun3Fixed 2 bugs in the RTC driver of PcAtChipsetPkg.
2009-07-07 klu2Move PcatRealTimeClockRuntimeDxe driver to PcAtChipsetPkg