OvmfPkg/Csm/LegacyBiosDxe: Update to make it build for OVMF
[mirror_edk2.git] / SecurityPkg / Tcg / Tcg2Smm /
2019-04-09 Michael D KinneySecurityPkg: Replace BSD License with BSD+Patent License
2019-01-28 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg/TCG: Upgrade UEFI supporting TCG spec info
2019-01-03 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg/Tcg: Fix Warnings and Remarks reported...
2018-12-10 Chen A ChenSecurityPkg: Remove dead code and inf redundant definit...
2018-11-21 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg: Update TCG PFP spec revision.
2018-07-21 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg: TcgSmm: Handle invalid parameter in MOR...
2018-07-16 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg:Tcg: Fix comment typos
2018-06-28 Liming GaoSecurityPkg: Clean up source files
2018-06-25 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg: Cache TPM interface type info
2018-05-29 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg/Tcg2Smm: Correct function parameter attribute
2018-05-22 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg:Tcg2Smm: Update TcgNvs info after memory...
2018-02-08 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg: Tcg2Smm: Refine type cast in pointer abstr...
2018-02-07 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg:Tcg2Smm: Fix compile issue
2018-01-29 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg: Tcg2Smm: Enable TPM2.0 interrupt support
2017-12-12 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg:Tcg2Smm: Update Interrupt resource name
2017-12-12 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg:Tcg2Smm: Add MSFT copyright
2017-12-09 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg:Tcg2Smm:Enabling TPM SIRQ interrupt support
2017-05-11 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg: Add TCG Spec info to TCG related modules
2017-02-21 Star ZengSecurity Tcg2Smm: Add missing gEfiTcg2ProtocolGuid...
2017-01-12 Zhang, Chao BSecuritPkg: Tcg2Smm: Add PlatformClass to TPM2 Table
2017-01-11 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg: Tcg2Smm: Fix incompatible change
2017-01-10 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg: Tcg2ConfigDxe/Tcg2Smm: Fix TPM2 HID issue
2017-01-10 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg: Tcg2Config: TPM2 ACPI Table Rev Option
2017-01-06 Star ZengSecurityPkg Tcg2ConfigDxe: Add setup option to configur...
2017-01-05 Zhang, Chao BSecuritPkg: Tcg2: Fix coding style issue
2017-01-05 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg: Tcg2ConfigDxe: Display TPM2 HID in Tcg2Config
2017-01-04 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg: Tcg2Smm: Update HID patch logic
2016-12-29 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg: Tcg2Smm: TPM2 Vendor specific HID
2016-09-29 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg: Tcg2: Fix TCG2 PP issues
2016-09-27 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg: Tcg: New field for User Confirmation Status
2016-06-16 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg: Tcg2Smm: Fix type casting issue
2016-06-12 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg: Tcg2Smm: Enhance TIS interface detection
2016-06-12 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg: Tcg2Smm: Make TCG2 PP version configurable
2016-02-29 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg: Tcg2Smm: Change TPM2.0 MMIO range attribute
2016-01-26 Yao, JiewenSecurityPkg: Add TPM PTP support in TCG2 SMM.
2016-01-22 Yao, JiewenSecurityPkg: Update TCG PPI "1.3" for TCG2.
2015-12-15 Jordan JustenSecurityPkg: Convert all .uni files to utf-8
2015-08-13 Yao, JiewenAdd TPM2 support defined in trusted computing group.