Comment's added and fixed.
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2011-04-01 jcarseyComment's added and fixed.
2011-04-01 jcarseyfix initialization of pointer.
2011-03-30 jcarseydidn't mean to remove this comment.
2011-03-30 jcarseyremove redirection command line updating from the shell...
2011-03-30 jcarseypointer verification (not NULL) and buffer overrun...
2011-03-30 ydong10Update inf file to follow spec.
2011-03-28 jcarseyprevents "" from being the result of trying to open...
2011-03-25 jcarseyconsole logger - support disabling the console out.
2011-03-25 jcarseyfix comments.
2010-12-06 jcarseyfixes for NULL verification.
2010-12-01 jcarseyfix for exit was specified in the startup script.
2010-11-24 jcarseyfix unaligned device path node access.
2010-11-16 jcarseyfixes for IPF, CTRL-C support, and file redirection.
2010-10-04 jcarsey1) Removing ASSERTs for proper return values.
2010-09-28 jcarseydelete unnecessary files.
2010-09-17 jljustenShellPkg: Fix several GCC compiler warnings
2010-09-17 jljustenShellPkg: Fix EFIAPI usage inconsistencies
2010-09-17 jljustenShellPkg: Fix path issues for Linux build support
2010-09-17 jljustenShellPkg: Remove unnecessary package dependencies
2010-09-14 hhtiancopyright format update
2010-09-14 initial release.
2010-04-24 hhtianUpdate the copyright notice format
2010-02-23 lgao41. Correct File header to ## @file
2010-01-25 jcarseyfixed license header / copyright date on all files.
2010-01-11 jcarseyupdating comments mostly. also added some new lib...
2009-11-25 xli24Fix build failure of ShellPkg.
2009-11-23 jcarseygit-svn-id:
2009-11-18 jcarseyupdating headers from code review.
2009-07-13 jcarseyadd:
2009-07-12 mdkinneyFix signed/unsigned mismatch issue
2009-07-12 jcarseyfix parameter type
2009-07-11 mdkinneyPut EOF (End of File) on its own line for all source...
2009-07-09 jcarseyfix comment
2009-06-23 jljustenRestore Include/Library/ShellCEntryLib.h. Cleanup...
2009-06-23 jcarseygit-svn-id:
2009-06-17 jljustenFix build of ShellC Lib/App for GCC.
2009-06-16 jcarseyadding sample "C" entry application
2009-06-15 jljustenFix ShellPkg build errors for UNIXGCC toolchain.
2009-05-11 jcarseyfixed to build under IPF.
2009-05-07 jcarseyFirst (Alpha) release of ShellPkg