ArmPkg: only attempt buildin MmCommunicationDxe for AArch64
[mirror_edk2.git] / ShellPkg / Include / Protocol /
2019-04-09 Michael D KinneyShellPkg: Replace BSD License with BSD+Patent License
2018-11-22 Shenglei ZhangShellPkg: Remove ShellPkg wrapper header files
2016-11-16 Ruiyu NiShellPkg: #ifndef of header files should have postfix...
2016-11-15 Gary LinShellPkg: Fix typos in comments and variables
2016-10-19 Ruiyu NiShellPkg: Update header files to reference MdePkg proto...
2016-10-19 Ruiyu NiMdePkg: Include Shell/ShellDynamicCommand/ShellParamete...
2015-10-23 Qiu ShuminShellPkg: Follow spec to remove the last '\' char in...
2015-07-08 Bruce CranShellPkg: Fix typo of 'determines' in ShellPkg.
2015-02-04 Tapan ShahShellPkg: Standardized HP Copyright Message String
2014-08-18 Chris PhillipsShellPkg: Fix EFI_SHELL_PROTOCOL to contain new members...
2014-08-18 Qiu ShuminShellPkg: Fix comments. Refine code style.
2014-08-14 Chris PhillipsShellPkg: Fix EFI_SHELL_DYNAMIC_COMMAND_PROTOCOL_GUID...
2014-08-05 Jaben CarseyShellPkg: Remove double typedef for same struct
2014-08-05 Jaben CarseyThis adds the new APIs for UEFI Shell 2.1 and makes...
2014-07-31 Jaben CarseyShellPkg: Add new dynamic command protocol
2011-09-02 ydong10Refine comments and two code style.
2011-03-25 jcarseymove include file line under #define protection.
2010-09-17 jljustenShellPkg: Fix EFIAPI usage inconsistencies
2010-09-14 hhtiancopyright format update
2010-09-14 initial release.
2010-04-24 hhtianUpdate the copyright notice format
2010-01-25 jcarseyfixed license header / copyright date on all files.
2010-01-11 jcarseyupdating comments mostly. also added some new lib...
2009-11-25 xli24Fix unicode issue.
2009-11-20 jcarseybuild break fix and new function
2009-11-20 jcarseycomment repairs.
2009-11-19 jcarseyfixing errors found in code review.
2009-11-18 jcarseyupdating headers from code review.
2009-11-18 qhuang8Fix incorrect copyright format
2009-11-18 qhuang8Fix GUID format
2009-11-11 jcarseymore errata
2009-11-11 jcarseyupdated for new errata
2009-11-10 jcarseyupdated Alias, Map, and Env functions per errata.
2009-06-23 jcarseygit-svn-id:
2009-06-16 jcarseyUpdating with new functions and adding "C" style entryp...
2009-06-15 jljustenFix ShellPkg build errors for UNIXGCC toolchain.
2009-05-20 qhuang8Fix several Unicode issues that fails VS2005.
2009-05-11 jcarseyfixed to build under IPF.
2009-05-07 jcarseyFirst (Alpha) release of ShellPkg