fix K8 coding issues.
[mirror_edk2.git] / ShellPkg / Library / UefiShellLib / UefiShellLib.c
2010-01-29 jcarseyfix K8 coding issues.
2010-01-25 jcarseyfixed license header / copyright date on all files.
2010-01-14 jcarseygit-svn-id:
2010-01-13 jcarseyadding new parameter to search and replace function...
2010-01-11 jcarseyupdating comments mostly. also added some new lib...
2009-12-07 jcarseyadd ASSERT to 2 functions and fix issue with size diffe...
2009-12-02 jcarseyremove extra variables
2009-12-01 jcarseyupdates from code review, buffer length, and correct...
2009-11-20 jcarseybuild break fix and new function
2009-11-20 jcarseycomment repairs.
2009-11-19 jcarseyspecify operand order
2009-11-18 jcarseyupdating headers from code review.
2009-11-09 jcarseyUpgrade ShellLib and fix bug with param parsing
2009-07-10 jcarseyfixed operator order
2009-07-10 jcarseyfix build breaks. and allow for new lists to be created.
2009-07-08 jcarseyfixing build errors
2009-06-29 jcarseygit-svn-id:
2009-06-23 jcarseygit-svn-id:
2009-06-17 jcarseyremoving return cursor to old position...
2009-06-16 jcarseyfixed color printing in ShellPrintEx function
2009-06-16 jcarseyUpdating with new functions and adding "C" style entryp...
2009-06-15 jcarseygit-svn-id: