Clean up DEC files:
[mirror_edk2.git] / ShellPkg /
2011-05-04 mdkinneyFix DEC files so any PCD declared as Dynamic is also...
2011-05-02 jcarseyfix printout from SmbiosView command.
2011-04-19 jcarseycheck that memory allocation was successful.
2011-04-19 jcarseyfix user input validation for time command.
2011-04-15 jcarseyfix for word wrapping.
2011-04-13 jcarseychange file global variable to function local.
2011-04-13 jcarseyrm - refine user input validation to prevent removal...
2011-04-13 jcarseymove a function to the correct library.
2011-04-13 jcarseyfix misspelling.
2011-04-12 jcarseyupdate Bcfg to correctly remove by option index not...
2011-04-12 jljustenShellPkg: Fix GCC 4.4 build issues
2011-04-11 jcarseyEditTitleBar - Remove ASSERT. Complete display output...
2011-04-07 andrewfishFix Xcode, clang, and ARM build and link issues.
2011-04-07 jcarseyadd user input verification.
2011-04-07 jcarseyShellParametersProtocol - remove parsing from within...
2011-04-05 jcarseyadd some parens.
2011-04-05 jcarseyadd comments to function declarations and definitions...
2011-04-05 jcarseyrename a file.
2011-04-04 jcarseycheck memory allocations for success.
2011-04-04 jcarseycorrect last commit. fix build break for some compilers.
2011-04-04 jcarseyfix build break on some compilers.
2011-04-01 jcarseyremove duplicate memory de-allocation.
2011-04-01 jcarseyComment's added and fixed.
2011-04-01 jcarseyfix initialization of pointer.
2011-03-30 jcarseyfix for the cp shell command - halt when an error was...
2011-03-30 jcarseydidn't mean to remove this comment.
2011-03-30 jcarseyremove redirection command line updating from the shell...
2011-03-30 jcarseypointer verification (not NULL) and buffer overrun...
2011-03-30 jcarseyadd more user input verification to connect and vol...
2011-03-30 jcarseyremove unused variable.
2011-03-30 ydong10Update inf file to follow spec.
2011-03-29 jcarseyclarify error message when listing files based on a...
2011-03-29 jcarseyfix changing time daylight settings without changing...
2011-03-29 jcarseysmbiosview - add user input verification.
2011-03-29 jcarseyinitialize variable before error returns.
2011-03-28 jcarseyprevents "" from being the result of trying to open...
2011-03-28 jcarseycp - fix conditional for memory de-allocaiton.
2011-03-25 jcarseyadd all the command libraries.
2011-03-25 jcarseyconsole logger - support disabling the console out.
2011-03-25 jcarseyfix comments.
2011-03-25 jcarseycomp - add comments and add input verification
2011-03-25 jcarseyadd Edit and Hexedit shared features.
2011-03-25 jcarseyadd Edit and HexEdit commands.
2011-03-25 jcarseyzero memory allocation.
2011-03-25 jcarseyconnect - add comments and add input verification
2011-03-25 jcarseyconsist mapping - add comments and change variable...
2011-03-25 jcarseyclarify library type.
2011-03-25 jcarseyremove ASSERT.
2011-03-25 jcarseyadd absolute value MACRO.
2011-03-25 jcarseyFileHandleLib - use standard unicode file tag.
2011-03-25 jcarseymove include file line under #define protection.
2011-03-25 jcarseycls - add input verification.
2011-03-25 jcarseyCd - add more input verification.
2011-03-25 jcarseyupdate functionality on Bcfg command.
2011-03-25 jcarseyupdated comments and added string-to-number conversion...
2011-03-25 jcarseyAdd Network1 profile.
2011-03-25 jcarseyupdate allocation to use Zero pool library function.
2011-03-25 jcarseyrenaming the BaseFileHandleLib to UefiFileHandleLib.
2011-03-25 jcarseyUpdating level 1 commands.
2011-03-10 mdkinneyUpdate DebugLib to provide support for "err" command...
2010-12-10 hhtianupdate copyright format
2010-12-06 jcarseyfixes for NULL verification.
2010-12-01 jcarseyfix for exit was specified in the startup script.
2010-11-24 jcarseyfix unaligned device path node access.
2010-11-22 jcarseyfix typo in comment.
2010-11-16 jcarseyAdd "Debug1" profile (all but Edit and HexEdit commands)
2010-11-16 jcarseyadding "Install1" profile.
2010-11-16 jcarseyfixes for IPF, CTRL-C support, and file redirection.
2010-11-16 jcarseyadding new commands (libraries) to the build.
2010-11-12 jcarseyupdate error handling to use less ASSERT.
2010-11-12 jcarseyUpdate return value.
2010-11-12 jcarseyClarify the MARCO a little.
2010-11-12 jcarseyAdding Driver1 profile commands to the UEFI Shell 2.0.
2010-10-05 jcarseyremove link to old inf
2010-10-04 jcarseyVerify more memory allocations.
2010-10-04 jcarseyVerify memory allocations were successful.
2010-10-04 jcarseychange the en-dash to the standard dash character.
2010-10-04 jcarseyverify that a memory allocation was successful.
2010-10-04 jcarseymove DeleteScriptFileStruct from a private to a public...
2010-10-04 jcarseyfix a misspelling.
2010-10-04 jcarsey1) Removing ASSERTs for proper return values.
2010-09-28 jcarseyNo need to sort arrays of 1 element.
2010-09-28 jcarseydelete unnecessary files.
2010-09-20 jljustenShellPkg: Fix "unreachable code" warning with VS2005
2010-09-17 jcarseyrevert/update of a change this morning.
2010-09-17 jcarseyremoving incorrect files.
2010-09-17 jljustenShellPkg: Fix several GCC compiler warnings
2010-09-17 jljustenShellPkg: Remove optimization disable compiler flag
2010-09-17 jljustenShellPkg: Fix EFIAPI usage inconsistencies
2010-09-17 jljustenShellPkg: Fix path issues for Linux build support
2010-09-17 jljustenShellPkg: Remove unnecessary package dependencies
2010-09-16 jcarseyremove extra file.
2010-09-16 jcarseyremove extra file.
2010-09-16 hhtianUpdate readme format
2010-09-14 hhtiancopyright format update
2010-09-14 initial release.
2010-09-08 darylm503Fix HSD Tracker 204133.
2010-07-19 xdu2Add some error checking.
2010-05-25 klu2Library interface should be declared as EFIAPI
2010-05-13 qhuang8Fix minor format issue in file header