StdLib: Remove EfiSocketLib and Ip4Config Protocol dependency.
[mirror_edk2.git] / StdLib / EfiSocketLib / Udp4.c
2015-07-08 jiaxinwuStdLib: Remove EfiSocketLib and Ip4Config Protocol...
2013-11-20 Lee LeahyFix GCC build errors
2013-11-20 Lee LeahyIgnore transmit errors for UDPv4, UDPv6 and IPv4.
2013-02-08 lpleahyAllow fragmentation of large UDP packets
2012-09-10 lpleahyModify UDP and IP to transmit on all network adapters...
2012-08-10 lpleahyReturn the proper status after one of the ports is...
2012-06-29 lpleahyChoose a better subnet mask value for the IPv4 address.
2012-02-24 lpleahyFix issues detected by python web-server.
2012-02-09 lpleahyMerged socket development branch:
2011-09-30 lpleahyUpdate the sockets library code
2011-07-30 darylm503Add Socket Libraries.