Let specify GUID value for GUID-defined FV region, and remove potential dead loop...
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2006-10-30 qhuang8Fix several issues:
2006-10-30 qhuang8Add a unified migration database to replace the origina...
2006-10-26 qhuang8Fix a bug to convert EFI_PEI_HOB_POINTER to VOID*.
2006-10-17 qhuang8Fix a typo in lib name.
2006-10-16 qhuang8Change to the correct library class name.
2006-10-14 qhuang8Add Package-Guid Map.
2006-10-12 qhuang8Add new changed symbol to database.
2006-09-13 qhuang8Enhance recognizing Macro/Type defined in Library.
2006-09-11 qhuang8Add migration rule for Build Guid Hob.
2006-09-11 qhuang8Remove the special case handling of EfiInitializeDriver...
2006-09-06 qhuang8Minor adjustments.
2006-08-15 qhuang8Add porting Guide to obsolete Edk Library interfaces.
2006-08-10 qhuang8Add Migration Tool Database files