Changed invalid tool chain tag name to WARNING rather than an ERROR
[mirror_edk2.git] / Tools / Java / Source / MigrationTools /
2006-10-16 qhuang8Support to handle IPF assembly files
2006-10-16 alfredEnhance
2006-10-14 qhuang8Add Package-Guid Map.
2006-10-13 qhuang8Extract msa license info from inf file.
2006-10-12 qhuang8Fix several bugs & enhancement.
2006-10-11 lhauchStandardized property name WORKSPACE and fixed cleanall...
2006-10-11 qhuang8fix a bug in identifying comments.
2006-10-10 lhauchFixed the build.xml files so that clean and cleanall...
2006-10-05 lhauchRestructuring for better separation of Tool packages.